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A cryosauna is a modern cryotherapy machine designed specifically for administering whole-body cryogenic treatments.

We at Cryomed have been producing cryosaunas also known as cryotherapy machines, cryotherapy systems, cryocapsules since 2002. We propose cryosaunas adapted for any location or budget.

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Customer reviews

We chose Cryomed Pro for excellent service, high reliability, excellent performance and attractive price. Cryomed Pro is the most cost-effective cryosauna on the market.

Yoav Kahana CEO, Cryosauna Israel Ltd

Cryosauna Icetube is the leader and fastest-growing cryotherapy company in Greece and Cyprus at the moment. The company owns three cryosauna centres in Athens and has already installed more than ten cryosaunas all over Greece.

Panagiotis Rallis CEO, Founder of Cryosauna Icetube Centers

We have been working with Cryomed since 2014 and are very pleased with their products and services. Over the years we have seen a constant improvement in design, quality and service provided. Orders, queries and any questions get processed with speed and professionalism.

Gianluca Vacchi Businessman, Instagram-blogger

Mobile Cryosaunas FAQ

Cryotherapy machine is an equipment used for whole-body cryotherapy. Also called cryosauna (cryo cabin) or cryo chamber. Read about the differences between cryosauna…

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Sometimes people interested in whole-body cryotherapy confuse the concepts of a cryosauna and a cryo chamber, naming it all Cryo chamber. Although the…

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Cryotherapy business can give you a stable income and will let keep you go in time and new technologies. But how to start it? Here you will find the list of possible expenses that cryotherapy business may entail at the beginning.

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Starting a mobile cryotherapy business seems to be challenging, but there is nothing impossible when you have a good plan. Choose the equipment.…

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Yes, we propose a mobile cryotherapy trailer for sale. Cryobus is a mobile cryotherapy chamber equipped with a changing room and two padded…

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