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Mobile cryosauna

Shortcut your customer's journey from his place to a cryo studio by offering Cryomed's brand-new mobile cryosauna. Now, freezing treatment addicts do not need to hunt for an available cryotherapy salon nearby as they may encounter a portal to subzero treatments at their doorstep, and that’s not a metaphor.

Mobile cryotherapy is also great for athletes, who can take cold sessions after the competitions directly at the site.

Cryobus, your mobile cryotherapy chamber

Forget about improvised mobile cryotherapy rooms. Meet a new offer from Cryomed: a minibus with the tastefully decorated interior fully equipped for a quality cryotherapy experience on the go! Our mobile cryotherapy unit – Cryobus – is now available for our customers.

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What is Cryobus?

Cryobus is a mobile cryotherapy chamber created by Cryomed.

It is a minibus with a cryosauna inside (Cryomed One or Cryomed Mini), equipped with a changing room and two padded stools, tray table, shelves, an AC/heater and a generator. The equipment, external and internal design could be adjusted per your taste and needs.

Who Needs a Mobile Cryotherapy Chamber?

A mobile unit is a great solution for an athletic team to follow the athletes on the move, or for a cryo services provider to take group orders directly at the customer’s location or to cruise along the seashore during the summer season. For a distributor, it is an efficient way to demonstrate whole-body cryotherapy machine to the potential customers.

Athletic team

To follow the athletes on the move. Professional sportsmen often use whole-body cryotherapy for recovery between competitions. And a cryo session is a good way to deal with stress and anxiety.

Cryo services provider

To take group orders directly at the customer’s location

Cryo services provider

To cruise along the seashore during the summer season


To demonstrate whole-body cryotherapy to potential customers.

A heater / air conditioning unit makes our Cryobus fit to operate throughout the whole year!

How Does Cryobus Work?

The mobile cryotherapy trailer works as a cryotherapy centre on the move. The customer walks into the changing room in the trailer, takes off his clothes leaving on dry cotton underwear, puts on a robe and fur boots, and then enters a cryosauna. The customer’s head stays above the upper edge of the cabin all the time. The operator starts a cryo session which takes 1.5 to 3 minutes depending on the customer’s previous cryotherapy experience.

A heater and air conditioning make the trailer comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

Technical Characteristics of a Mobile Cryo Chamber

In our mobile cryotherapy trailers, we use Cryomed One or Cryomed Mini cryosaunas due to their compact footprint and efficiency.

The cryosauna is reliably fixed inside the bus to prevent any damage on the move. Mobile cryotherapy chambers can operate both with pressurized and non-pressurized tanks.

A compartment for the pressurized tank or Dewar(s) is separated from the space with the mobile cryosauna and is accessible via back doors.

The tanks are reliably fixed to the walls.

The cryo mobile unit can operate from a generator or from a stationary power source via a cable if Cryobus is parked next to some location.

A Cryobus is equipped with:

  • changing room with two padded stools;
  • tray table;
  • shelves;
  • AC/heater;
  • generator.

Benefits of Mobile Cryotherapy

The best solution for those who need whole-body cryotherapy on the go (e.g., athletes)

Possibility to demonstrate the benefits of whole-body cryotherapy to potential customers at a convenient location

No need to rent or buy premises to create a cryotherapy centre

Flexibility and mobility

Best addition to expand the existing cryotherapy business and bring services closer to your customers

All the benefits of our cryotherapy machines within Cryobus, mobile cryotherapy unit

Cryobus - mobile cryosauna

Mobile Cryotherapy Business On-The-Go!

We can recreate Сryobus, our mobile cryotherapy solution, for you or adjust the interior as per your request according to your needs. You can opt for a fully equipped unit or buy an AC / generator / pressurized tank by yourself.

Please contact our sales team for more information and we will help you to start your cryotherapy business.

Mobile cryotherapy business

Mobile Cryotherapy Units For Sale

If you are interested in Cryobus, please contact our sales team to discuss financing options which will be most suitable for you. We offer cryotherapy machine trade-in, lease and rental services. In addition, you can become Cryomed’s distributor and buy this product along with the rest of Cryomed’s lineup.

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