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A cryosauna is a modern cryotherapy machine designed specifically for administering whole-body cryogenic treatments.

We at Cryomed have been producing cryosaunas since 2002. Cryosauna is also known as a cryotherapy machine, or a cryotherapy system, or a cryocapsule. We offer equipment adapted for any location or budget.

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What does a cryosauna do? How does cryosauna work?

Cryosauna is a device that uses liquid nitrogen to expose the body to temperatures between -120 and -180° C. Cryosauna purpose is to affect the body with positive stress that activates different treatment processes.

While inside a cryosauna temperature is about -120-180° C, skin temperature lowers to approximately 10-12° C. A logical question arises: why doesn't cryosauna kill you? During the session, all survival resources are activated, and blood, enriched with oxygen and necessary nutrients, is sent to the body’s core to protect the organs. That’s why all crucial life processes are accelerated. The cryo session lasts for no longer than 3 minutes to get maximum benefits.

Wikipedia says that cryosauna reaches lower temperatures than local cryotherapy (with the means of steam of liquid nitrogen on a specific area) that might be considered more effective

What Cryosauna is best?

You can choose a cryosauna depending on your needs and available facilities. Contact our sales department for free advice.

Cryomed Mini

Affordable and streamlined

Cryomed One

Compact and safe

Cryomed One Ultra

Sleek and stylish

Cryomed Basic

Good bargain

Cryomed Pro

Our flagship

Cryomed Pro Ultra

H 1,765 mm x L 1,120 mm x W 950 mm
Standard APS
H 2,040 mm x L 1,120 mm x W 950 mm
Upgraded APS
H 2,010 mm x L 1,410 mm x W 1080 mm
Upgraded APS
H 2,450 mm x L 1,600 mm x W 1,010 mm
Standard APS
H 2,450 mm x L 1,600 mm x W 1,010 mm
Upgraded APS
H 2,450 mm x L 1,600 mm x W 1,010 mm
Upgraded APS

Cryotherapy is a service that can be provided in different ways. There is a diversity of whole body cryosaunas that can be used both in cryo centers and at home. They have a lot of names while the principle is the same.

In the cryosauna cabin, the patient's head is placed outside, while in the cryosauna chamber and the cryosauna room the whole patient (or several patients) is inside. All these devices can be called cryosauna machines.

Regarding the size of cryosaunas, they are also different. Compact cryosaunas are good for home use, but also can be used in cryo centers on a par with more serious equipment.

The classic cryosauna uses nitrogen for cooling (nitrogen cryosauna), but today you can also find electric cryosaunas. Again, the principle of work and affect on the body is the same; the price, the temperature, time to get ready to work are different.

We provide classic nitrogen cryosaunas that have proven to be effective over many years of use.

Countless researches show undoubtable benefits for the health from using cryosaunas. Now cryosaunas are used not only by athletes for recovery but also as a treatment of different diseases and therapy, not only for physical health, but mental too.

2022 Impact Cryotherapy, Houston, USA used cryotherapy machine


Cryosauna to restore: whole body cryotherapy stimulates blood circulation, and as it flows through the body it brings oxygen and different nutrients to organs. By purifying blood, soft tissue healing is accelerated. After a cryo session, most patients report reduced pain, faster recovery, and bursts of energy.

Cryosauna therapy (or cryosauna treatment): as the internal organs are surrounded and nourished by the enriched blood, all crucial life processes are accelerated. If the performance of any of the organs was disrupted, these deficiencies begin to remedy themselves.

2022 Impact Cryotherapy, Houston, USA used cryotherapy machine


Cryosaunas are widely used in professional sports and fitness. The main benefits for athletes are faster recovery, muscle pain reduction, faster recovery from injuries, and as a cherry on a pie - reinforced calorie burn with weight loss as a result.

2022 Impact Cryotherapy, Houston, USA used cryotherapy machine


People who are concerned about their well-being highly appreciate the benefits for their health that cryosaunas provide. And no wonder, because cryo sessions are totally safe and almost have no side effects. They help to fight the symptoms of many diseases and are often prescribed for psoriasis, arthritis, and parkinson's disease, etc. Cryotherapy combined with chiropractic can do wonders in reducing pain levels, muscle soreness, and tissue inflammation.

2022 Impact Cryotherapy, Houston, USA used cryotherapy machine - photo

Benefits of Cryomed Cryosaunas


All cryosauna components are covered by a 3-year / 6,000- session warranty


Our cryosaunas are equipped with the Accident Prevention System


Customize your cryosauna with your branding, choose the cabin size and color inside and outside

Colors customization for cryosaunas

Visualize the color for outer shell and uphostery to blend in with your interior design or express your brand identity.

  • control
  • control
  • control
    Light blue
  • control
    Dark blue
  • control
  • control
    Dark grey
  • control
    Light grey
  • control
  • control
    Dark red
  • control
  • control
  • control
  • control
    Beige RAL1015
  • control
    Yellow RAL1023
  • control
    Orange RAL2004
  • control
    Dark red RAL3004
  • control
    Red RAL3020
  • control
    Ultramarine blue RAL5002
  • control
    Night blue RAL5022
  • control
    Moss green RAL6005
  • control
    Traffic green RAL6024
  • control
    Dark grey RAL7016
  • control
    Grey RAL7042
  • control
    Brown RAL8011
  • control
    Black RAL9005
  • control
    Light grey RAL9006
  • control
    Traffic white RAL9016
  • control
    Brushed silver
  • control
    Brushed gold
  • control
    Brushed black
  • control
  • control
    Mirrored gold
  • control
    Mirrored silver

Cryosauna Reviews & Testimonials

You can study different ratings of cryosaunas, but only experience will help you to get a real understanding of what cryosauna is better for a specific business. You can read a lot about the difference between cryosaunas vs ice bath/cryospas, but without trying it by yourself that would be just words. Read real reviews from people and companies that have already had this experience.

We chose Cryomed Pro for excellent service, high reliability, excellent performance and attractive price. Cryomed Pro is the most cost-effective cryosauna on the market.

Yoav Kahana CEO, Cryosauna Israel Ltd

Cryosauna Icetube is the leader and fastest-growing cryotherapy company in Greece and Cyprus at the moment. The company owns three cryosauna centres in Athens and has already installed more than ten cryosaunas all over Greece.

Panagiotis Rallis CEO, Founder of Cryosauna Icetube Centers

We have been working with Cryomed since 2014 and are very pleased with their products and services. Over the years we have seen a constant improvement in design, quality and service provided. Orders, queries and any questions get processed with speed and professionalism.

Gianluca Vacchi Businessman, Instagram-blogger

Cryosaunas FAQ

The main differences between cryosauna and cryo chamber you can find in the table below:

What is the difference between cryosauna and cryo chamber?
What is the difference between cryosauna and cryo chamber?
CryosaunaCryo chamber
sizesingle person devicecryo chamberclosed space where several patients can be treated at the same time
temperatureup to -170°Cnot more than -120°C
positionthe head outside the machinethe whole user is inside the cryo chamber
what to wear?gloves, socks and underwearnot only gloves, socks and underwear, but also a cap or ear muffs and respiratory mask
the costThe price is flexible, different financing opportunities such as machine trade-in, lease, rentalhigh price and expensive maintaining

Cryotherapy is safe so one can do it on a daily basis. The answer to the question “How often can I use a cryosauna?” depends on your personal needs. But consistency is the key! Here some recommendations about the frequency of cryotherapy sessions.

How often should you do whole body cryotherapy?

  • For immune system boost:
    You should use cryosauna 1-2 sessions per week.
  • For weight loss:
    You should take cryo procedures for weight loss 2-5 times per week.
  • For sports and fitness recovery:
    You should do cryotherapy 2-3 sessions per week.
  • For athletes, professional sportsmans recovery:
    You should get cryotherapy sessions 2-5 times per week.
  • For injury recovery, surgery recovery, chronic illness:
    You should get 3-5 cryotherapy sessions per week.

When you should not get cryotherapy sessions?

There are some general indications and contraindications for the use of cryotherapy. What are the main ones?

Main cryotherapy indications

  • rheumatology and vertrbology;
  • repatology;
  • neurology;
  • cosmetology;
  • sexology and urology;
  • endocrinology;
  • pulmonology;
  • cardiology;
  • dermatology;
  • orthopedics and traumatology;
  • sports medicine, ect.

Main cryotherapy contraindications

  • general grave conditions of the patient;
  • decompensation of chronic cardiovascular diseases;
  • acute myocardial infarction and rehabilitation period after the infarction;
  • celebrate strokes;
  • stage II essential hypertension;
  • stage II cardiac insufficiency;
  • prognostically unfavorable heart rate and conduction disorders;
  • fever;
  • pulmonary tuberculosis in active form;- malignant growths;
  • hemorrhagic diathesis;
  • hysterical neurosis;
  • individual cold intolerance;
  • pregnancy;
  • age under 10 years.
How Often Should You Do Cryotherapy
How often should you get cryotherapy? It is safe enough to be done on a daily basis… Photo:

So, how often do you do cryotherapy and cryo treatment now and do you need to increase your cryotherapy frequency for the best results? Of course, you can get benefits from just one session, but on the average it is recommended to have up to 3 minutes of cryosauna 1-5 times a week. Much like anything else, the answer is largely dependent on your desired results and how new you are to the therapy. Professional athletes, for example, can get cryotherapy sessions several times during each game.

If you want to get cryotherapy for weight loss, for warts, or for any specific problem, you should consult a doctor first. Sometimes even a minimal number of sessions can have a positive effect.

Cryosauna procedure includes the following: the patient enters the cryosauna in cotton underwear and fur shoe, covers and positions himself in such a way that his head lies above the level of walls. This prevents overcooling of the respiratory tract during the procedure. Thereafter, nitrogen steam mixed with air at temperatures up to -180°C is supplied to the operating zone of cryosauna (cryocabin). The procedure lasts for 1.5 minutes (at the beginning of the course) to 3 minutes (after 15 to 20 sessions).

During the procedure, the patient does not experience any discomforts unlike during tempering in ice water, as the nitrogen vapor possesses low thermal conductivity and does not overcool the body. When the session is over you will be surprised to notice that although your skin feels cold to touch your body emits a pleasant sensation of warmth from within.

Right after procedure you may feel soft pins and needles, but after few minutes you will feel happy, energetic and relaxed concurrently. It is because the level of hormones as endorphins (hormones of happiness) increases, it boosts in blood circulation and increases collagen production. In fact, the processes will take place in you body up to 6-8 hours.

The effect of cryoprocedures is similar to the effect that we get by doing exercises i.e. elevated spirits, thanks to the production of endorphins, the body tone increases, metabolism is stimulated, the fight against cellulite and overweight is sustained, and the immunity improves.

To choose a right cryotherapy device first of all answer the next questions.

Do you need whole body cryotherapy device?

Whole body cryotherapy is a complex procedure that requires a cryosauna, such as Cryomed Pro or Cryomed One, a device large enough for a patient to be placed inside and subjected to temperatures as low as negative 170 degrees Celsius. Whole body cryotherapy is based on the effect of extremely low temperatures between -110°C and -180°C on the human body.

The objective is to cause a physiological adaptive response of the body to extreme cold. As a modern rehabilitation – healing process it is applied in a wide range of indications. Here you can find more info about whole body cryotherapy.

How to choose cryotherapy device?
How to choose the best whole body cryotherapy device?

Do you need a local cryotherapy device?

The concept of local cryotherapy is based on the short-term application of extremely low temperatures to a particular area of a patient’s body. This procedure causes muscles to contract, increasing the blood flow to the treated area, soothing inflammation, and speeding up cell regeneration.

For this purposes you can choose our Cryofan device. Here you can read more about local cryotherapy.

A local cryotherapy.
A local cryotherapy.

How much free space do you have to install a cryosauna?

For example, Cryomed One is a compact cryosauna for providing full body Cryotherapy. It’s ideal for use also in limited space environments like sports centers, fitness centers, sports clubs and beauty salons.

Cryomed One features easy installation, compact dimensions (H 1780 mm x L 1120 mm x W 900 mm) which makes it possible to install the device to spaces where other cryosauna wouldn’t fit. The device requires only 1 square meter of floor space for installation.

Cryomed Pro is the most equipped cryosauna to deliver the best cryotherapy experience. It is the choice for facilities that are keen to provide the best service with all the modern experience and safety elements.

But the room for this cryotherapy device should meet more strict requirements (at least, not less than 6 square meters) than for Cryomed One, and it is more expensive in transportation and installation.

Do you need more technical and business information?

If you are not sure about your choice and need more information, including cryosauna / cryo chamber ratings to make the best selection, contact us and we will provide you with detailed consultation and definitely will help you to make the right choice for your business!

Feel free to contact us via e-mail or you can fill in the contact form and we will feedback you as soon as possible.

If you are a medical center owner cryosauna Cryomed Pro or Cryomed Pro M is the best investment that you can make for your business! It is good for the health of your customers and good for a business interest of you, as an owner. When people come for treatment, they invest in their health. By investing in Cryosauna you can launch a reliable business without a large capital, without putting all on the line. Just 6 m2 needed to start with.

Whole body cryotherapy is currently the most efficient and most comprehensive method of treatment and stimulation by extreme cold. Thanks to its wide spectrum of effects, it is used by medical and rehabilitation facilities around the world. Cryosauna represents an ideal ergonomic and effective solution for hospitals, orthopedic, rheumatologic or rehabilitation centers.

Cryotherapy in medicine
Cryotherapy in medicine

Cryotherapy in medical areas

Cryotherapy in rheumatology:

  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • osteoarthritis
  • capsulitis
  • spondyloarthritis

Cryotherapy in orthopedics and physiotherapy:

  • treatment of pain
  • acceleration of regeneration of all muscular, connective and joint injuries

Cryotherapy in surgery and traumatology:

  • any injuries of the locomotive apparatus
  • rehabilitation of chronic fatigue, etc.

Cryotherapy in dermatology:

  • psoriasis
  • neurodermatitis
  • eczema
  • scleroderma, etc.

Cryotherapy in pulmonology:

  • support for treatment of chronic pulmonary inflammation
  • asthma
  • chronic bronchitis

Cryotherapy in gynecology:

  • treatment of sterility, abortion
  • climacteric syndrome

Cryotherapy in hepatology:  

  • treatment of chronic autoimmune
  • treatment of viral hepatitis

Cryotherapy in neurology:

  • any nervous system
  • multiple sclerosis
  • parkinsonism
  • paresis
  • reflex or neurodegenerative syndromes.

Cryotherapy in sports medicine:

  • treatment and rehabilitation of acute and chronic injuries
  • development and maintenance of top shape
  • preparation and stimulation of physical and psycho-emotional conditions

Here you can read business development stories of our customers.

Cryosauna is a machine that is used for whole-body cryotherapy. The main difference between 

cryosauna and cryo chamber is that in cryosauna the head of the patient is placed outside the machine so that cold doesn’t affect it. 

Cryosauna uses liquid nitrogen of very low temperatures for 1-3 minutes to achieve better blood circulation, faster cellular recovery, pain relief, lowered stress levels, etc. These effects are beneficial not only for our physical state, but mental too. 

During the procedure, the patient doesn’t experience any discomforts, on the contrary, after a few minutes after the session patients usually feel happy, energetic and relaxed.