How to start cryotherapy business?

Cryotherapy business can give you a stable income and will let keep you go in time and new technologies. But how to start it? What to consider when starting a cryotherapy business in your location? How much does a cryotherapy business make? In this article, you will find the list of possible expenses that cryotherapy business may entail at the beginning. After filling in your numbers you will be able to calculate how long it will take to recover your investments and make your business profitable.

Сryotherapy business cost

One-time costs

Cryotherapy equipment cost

Obviously, the most important thing. If you are going to become a serious player in this market, it is better to opt for a trusted cryosauna manufacturer and buy cryotherapy equipment covered by warranty, with all necessary certificates. Reliability and safety should be your number one priority. As for the price tag on cryotherapy machines, you might look into a cryosauna rental or lease if you are not willing to spend money on buying a cryotherapy machine. In addition, you can follow our news not to miss special offers;

Proper ventilation

Your cryotherapy center should be well-ventilated to provide a safe environment for you and your customers. Do not save money on this and make sure to install a powerful bathroom exhaust fan to vent to the outside;

Cryotherapy furniture cost

Purchase office and changing room furniture – chairs, lockers, a sofa, a reception desk.

Cryosauna operator’s training

Well-trained personnel will ensure customer satisfaction, as well as the smooth operation of the equipment. Please be aware that Cryomed offers thorough training for our cryosauna partners and distributors.

Recurring payments

  1. Monthly rental costs for the premises. The area of your center should be at least 6m² in case of a Cryomed Pro cryotherapy machine. But, for example, cryosauna Cryomed One requires only 1 m², so you can go for the most suitable option;
  2. Liquid nitrogen cost. If you decide on a valve type cryosauna operated from pressurized tanks, add monthly tank rental payments to your nitrogen provider here as well. If you choose a Dewar type cryosauna operated from 40-liter unpressurized tanks, you only pay for liquid nitrogen. More information on the difference between the two types can be found here.
  3. Insurance.
  4. Staff salary.
  5. Utility costs.
  6. Promotional campaign. If you need our support for your marketing campaign, contact us for promo materials and a promotional kit.

In some countries, licenses or permits might be needed to operate cryotherapy centers. Consider looking into this issue well in advance to run your new business smoothly. Anyway, Cryomed has extensive experience in opening cryotherapy centers all over the world and we would be happy to give you advice.

How much does it cost to start cryo business?

How to calculate the profitability of your cryotherapy business?

The profit of the cryotherapy business depends on the average cryosauna session. An average session time is 3 minutes.

  • If you have at least 10 cryotherapy sessions per day, in one month (including weekends) you can have as many as 300.
  • The average price of one session is about $35.
  • So with this workload, your center will be busy with cryotherapy sessions for some hours and a half daily, and your monthly income will be $10,500.
  • Deduct your one-time costs and monthly expenses, and you will get your net profit.

Of course, these calculations are very approximate, but they will give you an idea of what to expect from your business and how long it will take to recover your investment.

Promotion of your cryotherapy business

Hopefully, over time word of mouth will become a key driver for your cryotherapy machine business. Still, in the beginning, you will need to make an effort to attract customers. First, you can start an online promotional campaign. Digital marketing is a flexible and adjustable tool that can help you without big investments.

Special offers can be another very effective promotional tool.

You can offer different subscription packages (monthly, yearly, unlimited) and discounts for regular customers. Gift cards or certificates are also an efficient method to grow your business.

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Who will benefit from cryotherapy machine business?
Who will benefit from cryotherapy machine business?

One more steppingstone – the right location

The right place for your cryo chamber center might help in promoting your business as well. It is better to look for a place in the following complementary industries:

  1. Gyms and fitness centers. Due to many researches, cryotherapy has gained recognition as an essential tool in sports medicine. A lot of athletes, both amateurs and professionals, use cryotherapy as a part of their daily routine. Cryotherapy equipment is widely used for recovery and pain management, as well as in weight-loss programs.
  2. Recovery centers. Cryotherapy is widely used in recovery after injuries of various kinds.
  3. Spas and beauty salons. People come here for relaxation, wellness and beauty programs, including anti-aging. Cryotherapy could be the right thing to compliment and enhance the range of services on the offer.
  4. Hospitals and medical centers. Modern healthcare facilities offer various alternatives to classical methods of recovery from injuries as well as to the treatment of different diseases and skin conditions. Cryotherapy could become a powerful tool to support other treatment methods.

Is cryotherapy good business?

Starting a cryosauna business is a complicated but very interesting project. The cryotherapy business offers many opportunities. Interest in this type of treatment is picking up day after day. If five years ago cryotherapy was a well-kept secret mostly for professional athletes, now it helps reduce pain, treat skin problems, recover after injuries, speed up metabolism, etc. to numerous celebrities, fitness followers and ordinary people all over the world. You can become a cryotherapy pioneer in your area. Take your chance and start your business now! We can assist you in many ways, feel free to contact us.