Dewar Tanks

Non-Pressurized Dewar Tanks

What is a Dewar Tank?

Dewar vessels are specialized types of vacuum flasks designed for the transportation and storage of liquid nitrogen, argon, and oxygen. Dewars are also known as 'cryogenic Dewar flasks' or 'liquid nitrogen flasks.' Their construction and thermal insulation ensure the temperature inside is low enough to prevent excessive loss of cryogenic liquids, including liquid nitrogen.

Liquid nitrogen Dewars offer highly efficient storage of cryogenic liquids combined with low weight and modest space requirements. They would be suitable for use in spa and beauty centers, healthcare facilities, and research labs.

Cryomed offers liquid nitrogen Dewar flasks with a 10-, 35- and 50-liter capacity.

Features of Dewar Tanks

Features of Dewar Tanks
  • Low evaporation rate

    Low evaporation rate

  • Low empty weight

    Low empty weight

  • Advanced vacuum and insulation technologies

    Advanced vacuum and insulation technologies

  • Storage capacity from 10 liters to 50 liters

    Storage capacity from 10 liters to 50 liters

  • Assigned service life — 8 years under proper conditions

    Assigned service life — 8 years under proper conditions

Technical Characteristics
of Dewar Tanks

Capacity10 L35 L50 L
Neck diameter50 mm50 mm50 mm
Tank diameter305 mm455 mm495 mm
Overall height530 mm720 mm855 mm
Emply weight5.4 Kg17 Kg19.5 Kg
Weight full13.4 Kg45 Kg59.5 Kg
Daily loss0.088 %0.09 %0.2 %
Non-Pressurized Dewar Tanks

Cryogenic Storage In Cryotherapy

Dewar tanks in cryotherapy are used primarily to supply nitrogen into cryogenic equipment during its operation. Another their function is transporting and storing liquid nitrogen with maximum safety and efficiency.

Dewar tanks we offer are compatible with Cryomed’s whole-body and local cryogenic equipment:

  • 35-liter Dewar tanks come in set with the Dewar type cryosaunas and local cryogenic machines;
  • 50-liter tanks are available optionally for cryosaunas and CRYOFAN CF-04;
  • 10-liter Dewars are optional for CRYOFAN CF-04.

Feel free to contact our sales department for the pricing on Dewar tanks.