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Cryotherapy Reviews. What Do Cryomed Customers And Partners Think?

Christian Nørkjær
Christian Nørkjær

Director of the Denmark National Football Team

The access to reliable and fast recovery between the games is priceless during any important competition. We are grateful for Cryomed’s excellent service, timely support, and perfectly coordinated teamwork.

Martin Otčenáš, Biathlonist
Cryotherapy in Biathlon: Martin Otčenáš

Martin Otčenáš, Biathlonist

“I have long term positive experience with cryotherapy as an athlete. I first tried it in 2005 after several muscle injuries, when it helped me in my convalescence. Since 2012 I’ve been taking 10 course treatments during my summer preparation, which helps me to cope with demanding trainings by accelerating recovery and relaxation of the muscles. I take another 10 course treatment before the start of the main season, before winter, to boost my immune system and to help overall recovery of muscles and tendons after the training period”.

Basketball club Piešťanské Čajky, Slovak Vice Champion 2017
Cryotherapy in Basketball: Basketball club Piešťanské Čajky

Basketball club Piešťanské Čajky, Slovak Vice Champion 2017

“In the club we’re trying to create the most professional environment and the recovery of our players is our priority. We only have positive experience with Cryotherapy, since we have been using services of another cryotherapy provider in the past years in Piestany. When it came to have a cryosauna right in the Diplomat arena, we didn’t hesitate and we are sure that this will have great benefits” said Bronislava Borovičková, the club’s CEO.

“From the physiotherapist‘s perspective, it‘s a great experience to work with a cryosauna directly in our premises where it is always available. The advantage is that we can better respond to situations when for example, increased fatigue occurs after a match or after a training cycle. I also feel great benefit in the cooperation between me and the main coach. We have clear rules on when whole body cryotherapy is applied, which further increases the overall effect of this therapy”, Michal Nagaj, Physiotherapist for Piešťanské Čajky.

“Many reactions in the body are triggered, which start recovery processes in the body immediately after the therapy. In the next few hours these processes will reduce total fatigue or help to heal, for example, muscle structures, thereby increasing prevention of injury. The players are therefore ready again for the full performance that is required in professional sports”, Michal Nagaj describes the effect of whole-body cryotherapy.

Tomáš Surový, Ice Hockey
Cryotherapy in Hockey: Tomáš Surový

Tomáš Surový, Ice Hockey

“I’ve been using cryotherapy for the last 5 years as an integral part of recovery between matches 3-4 times a week. Thanks to it I feel less tired and more motivated for training, I feel so healthy. It also helps me to avoid fatigue injuries and if a small injury happens, I use local cryotherapy treatment immediately with cryofan”.

Matej Tóth, Slovak race walker, Olympic champion
Cryotherapy in Athletics: Matej Tóth

Matej Tóth, Slovak race walker, Olympic champion

“My experience with cryotherapy is extensive. It has become a regular part of my year-round preparation. I take at least three 10-course treatments during the year, most often in October-March and in June. It serves as a method of recovery after a demanding training block. It doesn’t take much time and does not exhaust as much as cold water therapy or ice bath. In addition, the pleasant feeling thanks to endorphins motivates me to train more and of course it accelerates recovery and eliminates fatigue. In case of muscle injuries I use local cryotherapy. Thanks to this I was able to take part in the London Olympics after tibial tendon inflammation!”

Gianluca Vacchi

Businessman, Instagram-blogger

We have been working with Cryomed since 2014 and are very pleased with their products and services. Over the years we have seen a constant improvement in design, quality and service provided. Orders, queries and any questions get processed with speed and professionalism.

Lucas Izkovitz

CryoBrazil’s CEO

CryoBrazil is very happy to work with Cryomed because since the very beginning Cryomed showed not only exceptional customer service but also high-quality products. Mutual respect, outstanding technical support, and easy channels of communication are characteristics worth being highlighted in this business partnership, but the keyword to our business relationship is trust. We can trust Cryomed as a business partner that cares about our company and see our success as their success.

Marcello Di Brisco, Roberto Sala

Cryomed Italia

BENERGY, our company has been established about 7 years ago in order to explore, find and propose to Italian market new innovative technologies. The two founders, Marcello Di Brisco and Roberto Sala, have a very long experience in the medical field of about 30 years. With Cryomed have created a new market brand with cryosauna machine believing, since the first steps, that will be a success.

Until now we, using the name Cryomed Italia, the presence of Cryomed has grown up very much… with about 80 machines installed. Not only… also very famous names are in the Cryomed customer list like Juventus Football, Rome and Lazio Football teams as other Vip names like Dolce & Gabbana, Lapo Elkann, Versace and others.

Cryomed company has been a very good partner not only because Cryo machines are high level, but also because they have given us continue good support in every way. Support, marketing, innovation, availability for any necessity… these are only some points coming from Cryomed company.

We have invested many time and money for this market and, if necessary, we would do it again.

Panagiotis Rallis

CEO, Founder of Cryosauna Icetube Centers

Cryosauna Icetube is the leader and fastest-growing cryotherapy company in Greece and Cyprus at the moment. The company owns three cryosauna centres in Athens and has already installed more than ten cryosaunas all over Greece.

Part of this success is due to our cooperation with Cryomed. One reason that we choose Cryomed to distribute their products in Greece is that Cryomed is the biggest cryosauna manufacturer in the world counting hundreds of installations around the globe. What we seek in our partners is reliability, fast response in all levels – sales/marketing / technical and after-sales support. Cryomed and its staff have proved to be more than professional and meet our requirements. Our cooperation is flawless, the machines are slick, prices are competitive and our customers are happy. What we were looking for, was a recipe for a winning team and it seems that we managed to do so.

Cryosauna Icetube Centers
Gr. Labraki 54,
Athens – Greece

Yoav Kahana

CEO, Cryosauna Israel Ltd

We chose Cryomed Pro for excellent service, high reliability, excellent performance and attractive price. Cryomed Pro is the most cost-effective cryosauna on the market.

Address: 11 Habarzel st Tel – Aviv Israel

Rachel Crivelli

Criomed Corporation Portugal

We have been working with Cryomed since 2014 and are very pleased with their products and services. Over the years we have seen a constant improvement in design, quality and service provided. Orders, queries and any questions get processed with speed and professionalism.

The Cryomed brand is growing in Portugal and now many customers, both business and final ones, recognize the name as the leading manufacturer of cryogenic equipment.

We chose them initially because of their products and it has proven to be the right choice.

Michel Mertens – President; Diana Sablici – Vice President; Florentina Murase – Vice President

Cryomed Japan

We choose Cryomed because after doing some research we found that it was and still is the most reliable and trustworthy CRYOSAUNA maker in the market.

Cryomed constantly answers any question we have promptly. Communication is very easy, follow up and technical support is always available. We also appreciate the support Cryomed as given us over the years and new products are developed allowing us to stay on top of competitors.