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Cryo Business Financing

We at Cryomed are to give our current and prospective customers more options for purchasing our products, allowing small companies to jump-start their businesses without making capital investments at an early stage. To address their needs, as well as the needs of individual customers who have been unable to purchase a cryosauna due to their relatively high prices, we are offering convenient cryotherapy equipment financing that includes lease and rental services for cryotherapy machines in the EU. This makes Cryomed the first company in the European market which offers various cryotherapy financing options.

Cryotherapy Trade-in


The cryosauna trade-in service is an excellent opportunity for owners of older cryotherapy equipment to upgrade their cryo chambers at a considerable discount.

The cryotherapy machine trade-in service spares owners the trouble of having to locate potential buyers for their used equipment and ship it to them.

Cryotherapy Leasing


The ability to lease cryotherapy units is a unique opportunity for young companies to secure state-of-the-art therapeutic equipment right away without burning a hole in their budget.

When leasing, the buyer agrees to pay a fixed monthly fee plus a premium until they are financially prepared to purchase the equipment for the residual value or...

Cryotherapy Rent


Renting a cryosauna may be the best option for brand-new businesses that do not have a clear vision of their future business model and/or an understanding of the demand dynamics.

For just a fraction of a unit’s cost, our customers can install a cryosauna on their premises and use it for several months without any limitations. If the...