Cryotherapy Machine Rental

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Why to rent a cryotherapy chamber?

The cryotherapy machine rental option is intended for a wide range of consumers from medical institutions of various types and spa salons to sports clubs, teams, and rehab centers. Similar to cryotherapy machine lease, cryosauna rental enables potential consumers to start using Cryomed’s models of the cryotherapy chamber as quickly as possible and without having to pay the full price. This cryo chamber financing option widens the potential target group of Cryomed’s customers and gives them extra flexibility in designing the optimal business model for their cryotherapy business.

Cryotherapy machine rental conditions

Cryosauna rental enables customers to make a 2-month deposit and start using the equipment right away. If the business meets their expectations and proves to be profitable, the equipment can be purchased for the original price less depreciation. Paying a fixed monthly fee for cryotherapy unit rental also lets customers have an unlimited number of sessions per day without having to worry about support, maintenance, or wear and tear. If anything goes wrong with your cryosauna, Cryomed will provide a replacement free of charge.

Overall, cryosauna renting is a convenient and cost-effective method of starting a cryotherapy business either as your core service or as part of a wider portfolio of healthcare-related services. Cryomed cryosaunas are fully EU certified, meet the highest quality and security standards, and are assembled from the best components available on the international market of cryogenic equipment.

Should you be interested in exploring options related to renting a cryosauna from Cryomed, please feel free to contact our sales department. We’ll be happy to answer any questions, learn more about your current or future business needs, and advise you on the optimal approach to adding cryotherapy to your list of services.

Cryosaunas Rental FAQ

Yes, cryotherapy machine rental is available immediately to all UK customers as well as to all EU and US customers without limitations.

No problem, cryotherapy chamber rental in Ireland is also available without limitations.

Cryomed has about 1500 customers, partners and distributors all over the world. Please, note: our site is available in more than 15 languages.

The basic terms and conditions of a cryo cabin rental include the following:

  1. 2-month initial deposit
  2. Commitment to 100+ cryotherapy sessions per month
  3. If a customer wants to purchase the rented equipment after a certain period of time, the base cost will be recalculated with a 10% mark-up (less the depreciation over the period of rent)

Cryotherapy equipment rental is very popular with small businesses:

  • sports and fitness clubs;
  • rehab centers;
  • private clinics;
  • similar organizations that are just starting to provide cryotherapy services.

The company produces different cryotherapy machines – see the catalog for more details. The two main models are:

Cryomed Pro (dewar or pressurized);
Cryomed Mini (pressurized).

If you are interested in our cryosauna rental service, please contact our sales department at or call +421 918 250 160 and we will get back to you shortly with a custom quote, including shipping, handling, accessories, and customization options.