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Used Cryotherapy Devices

Looking for low-budget options to expand your health & wellness offer or launch a brand-new cryotherapy center with minimum startup costs?

Welcome to Cryomed’s online trading hub for used cryogenic machines. Here the sellers can quickly sell, and the buyers can choose the most suitable option for their business.

At Cryomed’s used equipment trading hub, you will find various manufacturer brands of nitrogen-fed and electric pre-owned cryo machines. To quickly identify the equipment that suits you best, the page lists the necessary details like a used cryosauna’s brand, year of production, price, and location. Photos give you a fair idea of its look and condition. By knowing the location, you may calculate an approximate delivery fee. Many used whole-body cryochambers listed on our trading hub are in the U.S. territory, but you can find some in Canada and Europe.

Why is pre-owned cryogenic equipment a good idea?

Purchasing used cryotherapeutic devices may be a shortcut to quickly scale and add value to your offer. The most obvious reason is saving upfront costs at the very start of the cryotherapy business. But the advantages do not end there. Here are some additional bonuses for such a move.

  • In the case of new whole-body cryosaunas, production and delivery may take weeks or even months. While used machines, in most cases, are readily available.
  • By buying a pre-owned cryochamber, you avoid absorbing the greater part of depreciation costs.
  • With the massive used cryotherapy equipment market, you have a wider choice of machines by various manufacturers and a high chance of finding a reasonably-priced cryotherapeutic machine at a convenient location.

By choosing to buy used but well-maintained equipment, you secure your bottom line while attracting new cash flows and expanding your offer.

How to buy or sell a used cryotherapeutic machine?

If you want to buy a used nitrogen-fed or electric cryotherapy device from the list or need help choosing the best solution, contact our sales team at or +421 918 250 160 for more details.

If you’re a seller and want to increase your online exposure, no matter which part of the world you are in, the U.S., Europe or Asia, contact us at or +421 918 250 160 for placing cryogenic equipment details on our trade page. For the new owners, we offer dismantling, delivery, and assembly at the new place.

Opt for warranty-covered refurbished cryotherapy equipment

Note that Cryomed offers a one-year or 2,000-session warranty only for its refurbished cryotherapy machines. Our technical staff thoroughly inspects every such cryosauna and replaces all worn or damaged parts. Cryomed vouches for the long-term and flawless operation of our refurbished cryosaunas. This is a good way to add value to your business at a conservative price.

To make your decision whether or not to buy a refurbished Cryomed’s cryosauna, have a look at the photos and specs of the most popular models, Cryomed Pro and Cryomed Basic.

To learn more about our refurbished machines, contact our sales team at or +421 918 250 160.

Used Cryosaunas FAQ

If you are eager to launch a cryotherapy business but run on a tight budget, welcome to our used equipment hub, where we offer a wide variety of pre-owned cryosaunas and cryochambers by global brands.  Read here about how buyers can use the hub to save their budget.

If you have a used cryosauna for sale, list your offer on Cryomed’s website. Our pre-owned equipment hub consistently shows in the search results and attracts clients looking for a used cryotherapy machine. Read here how we can help you.

A preowned cryotherapy machine is a valid option for new cryopreneurs. Make sure you buy from a reputable seller who provides all the details of the used cryochamber. Often, there is no warranty for preowned cryotherapy machines, but refurbished cryosaunas may come with a one-year warranty.

Athletes use the cold for post-workout recovery and better performance. In wellness, cryo sessions promote stress relief, better sleep, immunity boost. Cryotherapy proved its efficiency for conditions linked to pain and inflammation, like post-injury recovery, rheumatism, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

The choice between walk-in chambers and open-top cryotherapy machines depends on your budget, available space, local regulations, and cost of consumables. Cryochambers are better for businesses with over 40 daily clients, while cryosaunas are more common if the customer flow is below 40. Read more here and here.

Nitrogen ensures quick cooling and low temperatures down to -180C. It is non-toxic and non-explosive. The air we breathe contains 78% nitrogen, so this element is highly available and affordable though it requires special storage conditions due to its low temperature in liquid form. Read more here.

Neither FDA nor other agencies classify cryosaunas as medical devices. Cryomed’s operator training certificate is enough to use  our equipment. Cryomed offers two types of training:
– hands-on operator training on site or via video call,
– and theoretical online training.
Read more here.