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One-stop cryotherapy shop with tailor-made solutions adapted for any location or budget.

Local Cryotherapy Devices

Cryofans are body care devices for localized treatments operating on vaporized nitrogen. Cryomed's cryoblowers work with extremely low temperatures ranging from -80℃ to -120℃. Spot cryotherapy devices are widely used in beauty salons, health clinics or med spas, recovery labs, fitness and wellness centers.

Whole-Body Cryotherapy Machines

A cryosauna is an open-top device for whole-body cryogenic treatments. Such cryotherapy machine rapidly cools down the skin with freezingly cold nitrogen vapor and air mix. The resulting thermal shock prompts reduced inflammation and pain relief, energy boost, and lower stress levels. A series of treatments produces far-reaching positive effects, like managing chronic pain, improving immunity, shedding extra weight, and boosting vitality.

Mobile Cryotherapy Equipment

Forget about improvised mobile cryotherapy rooms. Meet a new offer from Cryomed: a minibus with the tastefully decorated interior fully equipped for a quality cryotherapy experience on the go! Our mobile cryotherapy unit – Cryobus – is now available for our customers worldwide.

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Whole-body Cryotherapy is a technique that involves exposing the body to extremely low temperatures from -110 °C to -190 °C for the duration of 1 to 3 minutes.

in Sports

Cryotherapy proved to be a powerful recovery tool used by both elite professionals and weekend warriors. It is known to boost performance for up to 40%.

in Healthcare

Due to its ability to suppress pain and fight inflammation, cryotherapy has become an essential tool for physiotherapists, chiropractors, other medical practitioners in healing injuries, chronic rheumatic conditions, and various skin diseases.

in Beauty

Whole-body cryotherapy is widely used in slimming, anti-age, anti-stress and wellness programs. Local cryotherapy treatments called CryoFacials set a new standard in the beauty industry.


Stand-alone cryotherapy business can become a destination for the local community offering natural treatments healing the body from within, boosting well-being and energy levels.

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General Questions

Cryomed produces several types of cryosaunas. For example, Cryomed One and Cryomed Pro are whole-body cryotherapy devices while Cryofan is a device for local cryotherapy. The main differences of Cryomed One from the flagship Cryomed Pro are compact dimensions, lower weight and, as a result, lower cost. Cryomed Pro M (Medical) is also a whole-body device that is certified for usage in medical facilities.

For over 18 years, Cryomed has been at the forefront among the MANUFACTURERS of cryotherapy machines and cryospa solutions. Cryomed manufactures its own cryotherapy devices in ISO certified European factory. We do not resell third-party cryosaunas, both new or used.

The cryotherapy chamber is not regulated as a medical device in the USA. However, our Cryomed Pro M model has gone through all security, safety and efficacy European tests by Institute for Testing and Certification. This means that our device Cryomed PRO M has been certified as meeting the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices, Annex II excluding (4) and is officially a Medical Cryotherapy Device class 2B. See all certificates for cryosaunas of our company.

Yes, Cryomed guarantees the safety of all cryosauna models that are presented in the catalogue. For example, “Cryomed Pro” cryotherapy machine contains CE approved electronic system controlled by touch screen TECO. It’s also equipped with an emergency stop button outside and an accident prevention system inside the cabin. For detailed information, see Technical Specifications. We are ready to help – get a free consultation right now!

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The cost of cryosauna varies depending on the type of cryosauna you need and additional features – colour, cabin size, redesigned multicolour TOP LED lighting and many others. Please contact our sales department to get detailed information!

Yes, as a manufacturer of cryo chambers, Cryomed is interested in cryosauna supplies to different countries of the world. Many of our clients started their cryotherapy business in the USA and the EU. Look at our Cryotherapy Map and Partners page to find information about our current partners and cryosauna distributors in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and other countries. Take a chance and join now!

Cryomed is a reliable cryotherapy equipment supplier! Please, read the answer here and contact us!

Customer Reviews

Christian Nørkjær

The access to reliable and fast recovery between the games is priceless during any important competition. We are grateful for Cryomed’s excellent service, timely support, and perfectly coordinated teamwork.

Christian Nørkjær Director of the Denmark National Football Team

We have been working with Cryomed since 2014 and are very pleased with their products and services. Over the years we have seen a constant improvement in design, quality and service provided. Orders, queries and any questions get processed with speed and professionalism.

Gianluca Vacchi Businessman, Instagram-blogger

We chose Cryomed Pro for excellent service, high reliability, excellent performance and attractive price. Cryomed Pro is the most cost-effective cryosauna on the market.

Yoav Kahana CEO, Cryosauna Israel Ltd

Cryosauna Icetube is the leader and fastest-growing cryotherapy company in Greece and Cyprus at the moment. The company owns three cryosauna centres in Athens and has already installed more than ten cryosaunas all over Greece.

Panagiotis Rallis CEO, Founder of Cryosauna Icetube Centers