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Cryosaunas Installation

We provide detailed consultation before you get your cryosauna helping you choose the best option according to your needs taking into account the available premises.

  • All cryo machine specifications, space covered, dimensions, ventilation requirements, nitrogen source requirements and other necessary information which can be helpful during the installation is also provided by us. 
  • For some models, like Cryomed Mini, Cryomed One,  Cryomed One+, no installation is needed as they come in one piece. 
  • As for the Pro line (Cryomed Basic, Cryomed Pro, Cryomed Pro+), there are several options. We can send you assembly instructions and a video, our technicians can support the installation on Skype etc. or come and assemble the unit at your location. In any case, our technical specialists are available for your help almost 24/7.
installed whole body cryotherapy chambers
installed whole body cryotherapy chambers

Pro Line Cryosaunas Installation Room Requirements

Whether you decided to install Cryomed cryosauna with your own efforts, or sent us a request for a technician within Service and Support service, the room should meet several important requirements.

Area for installation: 6 m2 is adequate to provide enough space for operation. 

Floor requirements:  due to the cryosauna’s weight (about 350 kg), it must be installed on a solid floor (concrete or properly tiled floor), not on flooring made of wooden panels, etc. 

Room configuration: be sure to measure the size of any door frames you will need to use in order to deliver the cryosauna components inside the room. Door frame width of any doors must be at least 770 mm to make the delivery possible. The distance from the walls to either side of the machine should be at least 300 mm (30 cm).

Ventilation requirements: you have to provide an opening in the room wall (130

mm in diameter) for an exhaust system so that nitrogen vapor can be extracted properly while the cryosauna is in operation. The hole for the pipe can either be made in the wall or the pipe can be integrated into the window (vent sash) as long as a proper tight fit for the hose is provided. Air-conditioning and ventilation with actively circulating air (both in and out) are strongly advised. Additional oxygen sensors are also recommended.

Temperature and humidity: the ambient room temperature should be between 15°C and 24°C and the humidity should not exceed 60%. 

Installation of the cryotherapy cabin takes roughly 2 hours. Remember, cryosauna must be operated by trained staff who have successfully completed appropriate training and have a certificate.

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