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Electric cryochamber Cryomed e‑IceChill is designed for aspiring and seasoned cryopreneurs who seek a compact nitrogen-free solution. This innovative system utilizes advanced refrigeration technology, contributing to even temperature distribution and excellent treatment outcomes. A precision temperature control and breathable oxygen-enriched atmosphere inside the chamber ensure a consistently safe and comfortable cryotherapy environment.

One of the key advantages of our electric cryochamber is its compact, space-efficient design. Unlike bulky units monopolizing entire rooms, our system easily fits virtually any treatment space.

Cryomed e‑ICECHILL for your business

Whether transforming an empty corner at your clinic or complementing your home gym, this self-contained unit maximizes flexibility without sacrificing power or performance. No special hookups, no external gas lines – just simple, straightforward whole-body cold therapy in a compact footprint.

With extreme versatility in application, Cryomed e‑IceChill is a welcome addition to rehabilitation or physiotherapy centers, wellness and spa clinics, gyms, and fitness clubs that would like to cater to their customers with a brand-new cold treatment service.

Though using high technology, Cryomed’s electric cryochamber remains extremely user-friendly and can be operated in fully automatic mode. After a short-term hands-on operator’s training you’ll be ready to provide whole-body cryotherapy treatments right away – no extensive setup required.

Apart from the automatic operation, ensuring error-free cryochamber performance and outstanding customer safety, the cryochamber features a two-way intercom for easy communication between an operator and a client during treatment sessions.

A built-in Bluetooth audio system allows for a relaxing atmosphere and enhances the customer’s comfort during a cryotherapy session.

Cryomed’s powerful moisture extraction system is a game-changer for cryotherapy providers. This advanced feature removes excess humidity from the chamber, preventing condensation and ensuring a consistently dry, comfortable environment. With superior moisture control, you can treat clients back-to-back without unnecessary downtime for drying the chamber between sessions.

At Cryomed, customization is a key. Our e‑IceChill cryotherapy machines are available in various configurations to suit your business needs. You can truly make this cutting-edge solution your own by personalizing the exterior with your choice of any RAL color or your company’s branding at no extra cost. Besides, if you need a specialized chamber size or unique configuration, we’ll tailor our cryotherapy solutions to meet your exact facility and client needs.

Benefits of Cryomed e-ICECHILL

Benefits of Cryomed e-ICECHILL
  • High-quality materials
    High-quality materials
    Long-lasting service life
  • Automated simplicity
    Automated simplicity
    Near-zero manual oversight needed
  • Automated de‑icing
    Automated de‑icing
    Uninterrupted customer flow
  • User-friendly digital controls
    User-friendly digital controls
    Seamless and intuitive operation
  • Impact-resistant viewing portal
    Impact-resistant viewing portal
    Insulated entrance with magnetic seal
  • Customer safety control
    Customer safety control
    Two-way intercom enabling dialogue between operator and customer inside cryochamber
  • Low power consumption
    Low power consumption
    Consumes only 3.5 kW per hour
  • Low maintenance costs
    Low maintenance costs
    Reduce annual upkeep costs
Cryotherapy design

Design your own Cryomed e-IceChill

Tailor Cryomed e‑IceChill to your needs:

  • Add customized branding
  • Select the outer shell color free of charge

Contact our sales department for a full list of available options

Cryomed e-IceChill: The last word in safe and
economic cryotherapy treatments

We have created our electric machine with the idea of satisfying businesses that prefer electric rather than liquid nitrogen cooling or cryopreneurs lacking reliable nitrogen suppliers nearby. Also, with its 4 sq.m. footprint, e‑IceChill is a valid option for business owners focused on maximizing space efficiency.

With its remarkable power consumption of just 3.5 kW, this innovative cryotherapy machine can treat 6 to 15‑customers per hour, making each session incredibly cost-effective. In addition, automatic drying ensures seamless back-to-back treatments with minimal downtime. Another benefit is that e‑IceChill needs only one hour for pre-cooling, unlike other models that require 2 to 4 hours.

E-IceChill allows experiencing cryotherapy without compromising the customer’s safety. Temperature sensors ensure precise control of the cooling environment, while two-way communication keeps an operator and a client connected. A convenient handrail inside the cabin provides stability, and a transparent viewport allows visual monitoring. The emergency stop gives the possibility to interrupt the session at any time.

E-IceChill takes the hassle out of cryotherapy with its advanced automation features. The chamber gathers valuable statistics on daily treatments and conveniently sends them to your email for easy tracking.

Additionally, the remote control capabilities allow for seamless remote diagnostics and troubleshooting, ensuring optimal performance without disruptions. As an owner of E‑IceChill, you can enjoy a worry-free cryotherapy experience, knowing that operation and maintenance are simplified through intelligent automation.

E-IceChill’s scalable design caters to businesses of all sizes and demands. Whether you’re a growing practice or an established clinic, you can choose between a single-person or a two-person model to suit your unique needs. This flexible solution ensures that you never have to compromise on efficiency or customer service, providing the perfect fit for your evolving business requirements.

E-IceChill offers an affordable alternative to bulky and expensive cryochambers. Its cost-effective pricing is a game-changer that allows purchasing the innovative system at half the price of electrical walk-in cryochambers with similar treatment parameters.

Reach out to our sales team via email or phone + 421 918 250 160 to see if e‑IceChill is the best fit for your business.

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