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Cryofans. Local Cryotherapy Treatment

Cryofans are small cryotherapy machines used for spot cooling of injured soft tissue areas, relieving pain in joints, beauty treatments for the face, neck, and decollete. These small portable cryotherapy devices are widely used in the cryogenic equipment market for beauty salons, medical centers or other healthcare facilities, recovery labs, fitness and wellness centers.

Which Local Cryotherapy
Device is Best

You can choose a cryofan ideally suited to your needs. Please contact our sales department for free advice

Cryomed CF-04

Affordable and efficient
  • Working temperature: -120°C
  • Treatments from one tank: 40
  • Extra: Optional 50-liter tank
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Cryomed CF-05

Easy to control and modern-looking
Portable Cryotherapy Equipment: Cryomed CF-05
  • Working temperature: -130°C
  • Treatments from one tank: 40
  • Extra: 7'' touch screen
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Benefits of Cryomed’s Local Cryotherapy Machines

Super-low treatment temperature

-110°C to -120°C measured at the end of the cryogenic hose



Only 0.75 liter of liquid nitrogen needed for one treatment



Easy to move due to strong casters



Long 1.5-meter cryogenic hose for comfortable operation



Use the same Dewar tanks as for cryosaunas


Touch screen operation

Easy settings for treatment time and temperature

Local cryotherapy solutions

Who Can Use Spot Cryotherapy Devices?

  • Beauticians
  • Athletes
  • Healthcare practitioners:
    • Massage therapists
    • Osteopaths
    • Chiropractors
    • Physiotherapists
Localized cryotherapy benefits

Why Choose Nitrogen-Powered Local Cryotherapy Devices?

Electric cryotherapy devices with a temperature range between -20° and -40°C are suitable for beauty care. For pain relief and other healthcare purposes, efficient temperatures start from -100°C. Cryomed’s cryofans effortlessly ensure -120°C.

Another important thing is the location of the sensor. In Cryomed’s spot cryo devices, the sensor measures the temperature at the end of the hose, while some manufacturers put sensors at the beginning of the hose. With an average length of a cryogenic hose at 1.5 m, the actual temperature at the end of the hose will be much higher than the sensor’s reading. Our cryogenic temperatures are confirmed by laboratory testing protocols.

If you choose between various nitrogen local cryo devices, look at their efficiency. In Cryomed’s cryofan, one 10-minute treatment at -100°C takes only 0.75 liter of liquid nitrogen. Efficient nitrogen consumption helps to have more treatments from one tank and extend the time between refillings.

Our cryofans come with 35-liter Dewar tanks. Optionally, 50-liter tanks are available.

Small cryotherapy machine

When Local Cryotherapy Is Better Than Whole-Body Cryotherapy?

In some situations, local cryotherapy treatment can be a better option than whole-body cryotherapy. The most common instances are:

  • When a person cannot stand up, like with ankle sprains; for local treatments, a customer can comfortably sit or lay down.
  • When a person has a heart or blood vessel condition, which prevents him or her from doing whole-body cryotherapy.
  • When a person has a recent muscle sprain: shivering, which contracts the muscles during a whole-body cryotherapy session, can aggravate pain.
  • When a person is afraid of doing whole-body cryotherapy.
  • When affected areas are above the neck or on the feet because these areas are covered during whole-body cryotherapy.

Cryofans FAQ

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Local cryotherapy is a short-term application of extremely low temperatures to a particular area of a patient’s body. For these purposes, local cryotherapy…

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