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Cryofans are compact cryotherapy machines intended for spot cooling of targeted body areas with extremely low temperatures down to -130℃.

Portable devices for localized cryotherapy are popular with clinics, hospitals and medical practices, especially physiotherapists, kinesiotherapists, sports doctors, and massage therapists.

Main applications of localized cryotherapy:

  • Healthcare
    • post-injury or post-surgery recovery
    • joint pain relief
    • skin conditions
  • Beauty industry
    • anti-age treatments
    • anti-acne therapy
    • anti-cellulite programs

What is localized cryotherapy?

If whole-body cryotherapy impacts the whole body, like its name implies, including or excluding the head, depending on the equipment, localized cryotherapy targets specific body areas. Spot cryotherapy is not a stripped-down version of "full-scale" cryotherapy, as it does not trigger systemic reactions. However, its pain-relieving and inflammation-suppressing action supplements and, in specific situations, even exceeds the results that could be expected from whole-body exposure to extreme temperatures.

A localized cryotherapy session briefly exposes a targeted body area to a stream of vaporized nitrogen mixed with air with a temperature ranging from -110℃ to -130℃. The stream is supplied without pressure, so it feels gentle and pleasantly cool rather than freezing. For one area, the treatment takes under 5 minutes. Depending on the number of targeted areas, the session may last up to 20 minutes. The cold stimulates microcirculation and cellular metabolism, alleviates acute and chronic pain, and reduces inflammation in the treated spot.

Initially, localized cold therapy was used for chronic pain, muscle strains, inflammations, and injuries. With time, spot cryotherapy evolved from healthcare and sports to beauty applications. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine beauty spas, aesthetic clinics, and wellness studios without anti-aging cryofacials, one of the top celebrity treatments promising glowing and healthy skin even after a single localized subzero session.

Read more about the differences between local and whole-body cryotherapy here.

What does a portable cryotherapy device look like?

Design-wise, a localized cryotherapy machine is a liquid nitrogen tank on a wheeled platform for better mobility, usually in an additional plastic shell and a nitrogen feeding system with a handheld hose. A cryo-blower may feature a control display, changeable nozzles, and a hose holder for improved usability.

Whatever portable cryofan model you choose, be sure it delivers top-notch treatment experiences while providing the flexibility and convenience you need.

Which local cryotherapy device is best?

Stripped-down cost-saving Cryofan CF-04 or sleek and modern-looking Cryofan CF-05? Cryomed offers cryogenic blowers that fit any budget and space.

Despite its intentionally minimalist design, Cryofan CF-04 ensures highly efficient skin cooling with the temperature down to -120℃, features safe and easy controls, and perfectly suits home and professional applications.

Cryofan CF-05, a cutting-edge localized cryotherapy machine, was built with maximum operator comfort in mind. A touch-screen with adjustable session settings coupled with a laser distance control and an additional temperature sensor to monitor the skin temperature on the targeted spot make it a convenient option for practitioners, estheticians, or chiropractors. Changeable nozzles allow targeting bigger or smaller body areas.

Looking for a perfect portable cooling solution? Contact our sales department for free advice.

Cryomed CF-04

Affordable and efficient
  • Working temperature: -120°C
  • Treatments from one tank: 40
  • Extra: Optional 50-liter tank
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Cryomed CF-05

Easy to control and modern-looking
Portable Cryotherapy Equipment: Cryomed CF-05
  • Working temperature: -130°C
  • Treatments from one tank: 40
  • Extra: 7'' touch screen
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Choose the features that work best for you, and stay cool with cryofans.
Benefits of Cryomed’s portable local cryotherapy machines

Supreme safety

Laser distance control and target skin temperature monitoring


Super-low treatment temperature

-110°C to -130°C measured at the end of the cryogenic hose



Only 0.75 liters of liquid nitrogen needed for one treatment



Easy to move due to strong casters



Long 2-meter cryogenic hose for comfortable operation



Use the same Dewar tanks as for cryosaunas


Touch screen operation

Easy settings for treatment time and temperature

Local cryotherapy solutions

Who can use localized cryotherapy devices?

  • Beauticians
  • Athletes
  • Healthcare practitioners:
    • Massage therapists
    • Osteopaths
    • Chiropractors
    • Physiotherapists
Localized cryotherapy benefits

Why Choose Nitrogen-Powered Local Cryotherapy Devices?

Electric portable cryotherapy devices with a temperature range between -20° and -40°C are suitable for beauty care. For pain relief and other healthcare applications, efficient temperatures start from -100°C. Cryomed’s cryofans cool down to -130°C.

Another important consideration is the placement of the temperature sensor. In Cryomed’s spot cryo devices, the sensor measures the temperature at the end of the hose, while some manufacturers put sensors at the beginning of the hose. With an average length of a cryogenic handheld hose at 1.5 m, the actual temperature at the end of the hose is much higher than the sensor readings. Our cryogenic temperatures are confirmed by laboratory testing protocols.

If you choose between various nitrogen local cryo devices, look at their efficiency. In Cryomed’s cryofan, one 10-minute treatment at -100°C takes only 0.75 liters of liquid nitrogen. Low nitrogen consumption helps have more treatments out of one tank and extend the time between refillings, making these machines extremely cost-efficient.

Our cryofans come with 35-liter Dewar tanks. Optionally, 10-liter or 50-liter tanks are possible.

Read more about localized cryotherapy machines here.

Small cryotherapy machine

When is localized cryotherapy better than whole-body cryotherapy?

In some situations, localized cryotherapy treatment can be a better option than whole-body cryotherapy. The most common instances are:

  • When a person cannot stand up, like with ankle sprains, as for local treatments, a customer can comfortably sit or lie down.
  • When a person has a heart or blood vessel condition preventing them from doing whole-body cryotherapy.
  • When a person has a recent muscle sprain, because shivering, which contracts the muscles during a whole-body cryotherapy session, can aggravate pain.
  • When a person is afraid of doing whole-body cryotherapy.
  • When affected areas are above the neck or on the feet because they are covered or not targeted during whole-body cryotherapy.

Advantages of localized cryotherapy devices for your business

If you plan to get into a cryotherapy business, consider portable cryofans. Localized cryotherapy machines boast affordability and compact size, which makes them ideal if you want to try your hand at cryobusiness without extra risk.

Here’s what benefits our cryogenic blowers can bring to you:

  • Portable cryo-blowers require low initial investment as compared to whole-body cryotherapy machines. Hence, buying a cryofan is an excellent opportunity to plunge into the cryotherapy market with minimum costs and risks. Read about the cost of cryotherapy machines here.
  • Save money, time, and resources on hiring staff. Operating a local device does not require any medical certification or long-time training. Involve your existing staff in localized cryotherapy treatments.
  • Don't wait for customers to come to you, take the cryofan to them and watch your business grow. You may rent 3 to 4 square meters in a beauty or medical center and serve customers there.
  • For physios, Cryofan CF-04 with a 10-liter Dewar is perfect for home visits. Sports doctors can use this option for competitions when they need to quickly and efficiently stop pain after injuries. Ideally, it is better to have an additional 35-liter or 50-liter tank back in the office for convenient refills.

You can buy Cryofan CF-04 with any Cryomed’s cryosauna at an even more attractive price.

Do you want to know more about localized therapy or portable cryogenic blowers we offer? Send us an email or give us a call!

Cryofans FAQ

Local cryotherapy is used to reduce pain and inflammation, to improve circulation of the blood, etc. in targeted areas. While whole-body cryotherapy affects all the parts of your body, localized cryotherapy has directional effects and sometimes complements full-body cryotherapy sessions.

Local cryotherapy devices that are used for these purposes use a cooled gas stream, consisting mainly of liquid nitrogen vapor. The working temperature of these devices is about -130°C and a cryo session takes 5-8 minutes depending on the area. 

How does local cryotherapy work?
How does local cryotherapy work?

What happens with the treated area during a local cryo session?

The cold causes muscles to contract, increasing the blood flow to the treated area, soothing inflammation, and speeding up cell regeneration. No need to say that the effect is much more significant than after an ice bath or ice packs. You will feel it immediately and the effect could last up to 7 days. But for a more stable result we advise to have local cryo sessions every 3-4 weeks. 

Benefits of local cryotherapy:

  • Inhibition of inflammation;
  • Reduction in the regeneration phase;
  • Immunomodulation;
  • Reduction of pain;
  • Reduction of spasm;
  • Improvement of joint mobility;
  • Decreasement in muscle tension;
  • Faster recovery after physical overloads;
  • Decreased fatigue;
  • Improvement of blood circulation;
  • Decreasement of swelling;
  • Decreasement of chronic pain syndrome;
  • Reduction of post traumatic treatment.

Local cryotherapy sessions are a relaxing procedure and ideally suits those individuals that are unable to do whole-body cryotherapy for different reasons. It is totally safe, causes no side effects, and demonstrates outstanding results for localized injuries involving back, knee, elbow, or other joints, as well as for chronic pains, muscle tension, ligament sprains, and so forth. Local cryotherapy is also used in cosmetology (cryotherapy facial) and well-known for its outstanding anti-ageing effect and effectiveness in the fight against skin diseases.

The concept of local cryotherapy is based on the short-term application of extremely low temperatures to a particular area of a patient’s body. This procedure causes muscles to contract, increasing the blood flow to the treated area, soothing inflammation, and speeding up cell regeneration. At the end of the procedure, the patient may experience a ‘pins and needles’ sensation which disappears quickly after the treatment.

Who needs a local cryotherapy?
Who needs a local cryotherapy?

Local cryotherapy helps to improve your physical performance, gives long-term pain relief, reduces inflammation, provides fast muscle recovery, improves blood circulation and skin tone, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, minimizes scars.

Cryogenic procedures are 100% safe, cause no side effects, and demonstrate outstanding results for localized injuries involving back, knee, elbow or other joint pains, skin damage, muscle tension, ligament sprains, and so forth.

Local cryotherapy devices, such as Cryomed Cryofan CF-04 and Cryomed Cryofan CF-05, are portable, easy in use, simple and reliable, that can be the main benefits of this kind of cryotherapy.

A cryotherapy chamber is a chamber (fixed or transportable) which is used for whole-body cryotherapy procedures. The main difference between cryo chamber and cryosauna is that a cryotherapy chamber is a closed space where several patients can be treated at the same time. While cryosauna is a single person cryotherapy device with the head outside the machine.

Fixed cryotherapy chamber

This is a chamber for the whole-body therapy which is built to fit into a building. This model is often used for in-house patients due to restriction in movement or in different amusement centres like water parks or spa centres. The internal walls of this chamber are made using wood pallets while the outside walls are done using thermal insulators to control temperatures. The size of this chamber is determined to base on the number of people who can use it.

In cryo chamber patient is totally in the cold zone
In cryo chamber patient is totally in the cold zone

Transportable cryotherapy chamber

It is a portable chamber that can be installed or detached when needed. The main reason for such an arrangement is the size of the chambers or the frequency it is needed. It is much bigger than the fixed cryotherapy chambers as it needs enough space to accommodate a changing room and a set-up area. 

What to choose – cryotherapy chamber or cryosauna?

Your choice may be due to the following factors:

  • size and dimensions – cryosaunas much more compact than cryo chambers;
  • nitrogen consumption – in cryo chamber nitrogen consumption is higher because of its bigger size; 
  • patient’s comfort – in cryosauna the patient’s head is outside the cold zone. In cryo chamber patient is totally in the cold zone, several patients can be treated at the same time;
  • needed temperature: in cryo chamber temperature reaches not more than -120°C, in cryosauna – up to -170°C.
Is cryotherapy like an ice bath?
Is cryotherapy like an ice bath?

Whole body cryotherapy is very different from ice bath.

In cryotherapy dry rush of cold air is used instead of cold water, causing the body to respond to triggered cold sensors in the skin’s surface instead of the deeply penetrating cold of the ice bath.

In a traditional ice bath cold water causes the body to warm blood in its core to transport to dilated vessels in outer tissue, forcing the body to overexert itself in preventing the skin’s surface from freezing.

While in an ice bath your body actually feels like it’s freezing, the main cryotherapy benefit is that it “tricks” the body into applying better healing mechanisms without the penetrating cold.

The result is a more comfortable healing experience where the total time your body is exposed to air in the whole body cryotherapy session is never more than 3 minutes.

In addition, one cryotherapy course (10-20 sessions) match up from 2 to 3 years of ice bathing.


You can use cryotherapy not only for the whole body but also for directional action. For these purposes our local cryotherapy device – Cryofan – was developed. It is ideal when some specific area of the skin needs to be cooled without affecting its surrounding areas. Local cryotherapy device uses a cooled gas stream, consisting mainly of liquid nitrogen vapor.

Local impact of cryotherapy is effective for pain relief, inflammation reduction, blood circulation improvement, recovery, etc. Also local cryotherapy is a good deal for those patients who can’t use whole-body cryotherapy for some reasons.

Local cryotherapy is a short-term application of extremely low temperatures to a particular area of a patient’s body. For these purposes, local cryotherapy devices, such as Cryofan, are used. The effect of local cryotherapy is not as extensive as that of whole-body cryotherapy, but this makes it more beneficial in some areas where there is no need to affect the whole body by cold. 

Local cryotherapy is widely used in beauty procedures (cryotherapy facial), sports and fitness centers, medical facilities, etc.