How much does a cryotherapy machine cost?

Cooling technology is a major factor defining a price tag for cryotherapy equipment. As a rule, nitrogen-powered cryosaunas are more affordable than electric or hybrid chambers.

Prices for cryotherapy machines by type*

Note that these are average estimates only, and the actual cost may vary depending on your specific projects and suppliers.

If you are not ready to pay a full amount upfront, Cryomed offers renting and leasing options with low monthly payments and flexible repayment terms. This way, you can spread the cost of the machine over several months or years and avoid a significant upfront investment. Additionally, the trade-in option allows you to upgrade your equipment without the hassle of finding a buyer for your old machine and choosing a new one.

What are the running costs of a cryotherapy machine? 

Three major components of the running costs are expendables for day-to-day operation,  maintenance and spare parts. 

Nitrogen cryosaunas use 2.5-4 liters of liquid nitrogen per 3-minute session. Power consumption by cryosaunas is very low – up to 1.5 kW.  Maintenance cost is low, too, as the majority of issues can be fixed via software updates. Even in case of replacement needed, the spares are not expensive.

Electric cryo chambers have higher power consumption and maintenance costs. In addition, they require yearly maintenance by the manufacturer, which may be costly enough. Replacement parts, like compressors, are high-priced.  

Hybrid machines understandably consume more liquid nitrogen than open-top cryosaunas. However, they have breathable air in the chamber rather than nitrogen vapors. Hybrid cryochambers have minimal power consumption and low-cost spares, making maintenance easier.  

Cryogenic blowers for local cryotherapy are extremely cost-efficient. They consume only 0.75 l per 10-minute treatment. Power consumption is almost negligible – 0.28 kW. 

Remember that the price of cryotherapy equipment is only one factor to consider. Other key elements are the manufacturer’s support and safety of the equipment. Read more about the cost of cryotherapy equipment here

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