Cryotherapy for anxiety

Is whole-body cryotherapy good for anxiety treatment? Cryomed s.r.o. has been producing cryosaunas since 2002. We know everything about its effectiveness for any disease including anxiety. To understand how cryotherapy can be helpful in this question, you should know the principle of cold exposure on the body.

During cryotherapy session, your body is subjected to “positive” stress that activates different processes, including endorphin production. This hormone called happiness hormone, that’s why the production of them is essential in anxiety treatment.

Cryotherapy for anxiety
Cryotherapy for anxiety

Cryotherapy benefits for anxiety

Cryotherapy affects anxiety from different sides.

Boost Energy Levels

The energy you can get from cryotherapy session is not only a physical one, it’s a mental and emotional boost as well. You may experience an incredible energy rush during your three minute cold treatment session that can last for hours afterwards.

Get Active

Shifting your state to one of positive actions can really help get you set on the right path.

Often, especially with anxiety, you can feel unmotivated to go out and try new things. You might even feel unmotivated to go and try old things.

Once you start taking positive action, exercising or making phone calls or being social, you feel better and build natural motivation to continue.


Cryotherapy can override that feeling of flatness, which may give you a powerful boost that will increase your focus and get you wanting more out of life again. Some people have reported that their focus stays sharp and their memory is improved for days after a cryotherapy treatment, allowing them to complete big projects and stay on task with significantly increased productivity.

Better Sleep

If you are suffering from anxiety or depression you may find that getting to sleep or staying asleep is difficult, and fatigue can really cause trouble with concentration, energy and motivation throughout the day. Now you can get a great night sleep and get back into a natural sleep rhythm to cure anxiety naturally with cryotherapy.

Increased Optimism

Cryotherapy session can give you a natural boost of both resilience and optimism that comes from the feeling of being energised, healthy, and capable.

Does cryotherapy help anxiety treatment?

People often doubt if cryotherapy really works on anxiety. But these doubts are usually passing away after a first cryotherapy session. People who experience all the benefits of whole-body cryotherapy on themselves and feel this energy boost afterwards never will trade it for something else. 

Still not sure if cryotherapy is good for anxiety?

You can try cryotherapy treatment for anxiety in the nearest cryo centre or contact us for more information.