How cryotherapy treatments help better blood and lymph flow?

The skin is the largest organ protecting the human body from all kinds of external impacts, including germs and toxic substances. Besides, the skin ranks first among other organs in lymphatic microvessel density. This is important for additional protection, as lymphatic drainage helps scavenge foreign materials. 

According to research, stimulating blood and lymph flow in the body can have a rejuvenating effect. Thus, improved microcirculation helps to tone and tighten your skin and restore all its functions that deteriorate with age due to skin diseases and various extreme impacts. 

Since ancient times, massage has been the most popular beauty treatment. But currently, estheticians offer a wide range of solutions to improve complexion and restore skin functions. One of the most trendy treatments is local cryotherapy which exposes the skin to a stream of nitrogen vapors with subzero temperatures. The treatment can restore microvessel function and substantially improve skin nutrition. Also, increased lymph flow helps remove waste resulting from metabolism. That way, we eliminate blemishes, prevent various skin conditions, and slow down age-related changes. 

For enhanced effect, there is whole-body cryotherapy which stimulates blood flow not only in the face but in all the organs and regulates vital processes in general. As you know, the skin mirrors your overall health, so whole-body cryotherapy makes you look better from ‘inside out,’ while local cryo works from ‘outside in.’ 

By the way, one of the essential factors that reduce lymph and blood flow in the skin is stress. Both acute and chronic stress is harmful for microcirculation. Due to the release of catecholamines, stress causes vascular spasm, which ruins your radiant complexion and, more importantly, disrupts oxygen supply in tissues. Fortunately, whole-body cryotherapy helps fight stress, and local cryotherapy reverses capillary degeneration, helps rejuvenate the skin and restore all its functions. Besides, a glowing complexion and improved elasticity can easily counter the effects of aging.