How cryofacial machines can be used for pain management?

Esthetic and medical cosmetology often use minimally invasive and invasive treatments to drastically improve the customer’s skin appearance. Laser procedures and injection-based face modeling may be rather painful and involve side effects like bruising, swelling, puffiness, redness, etc. That’s where freezing temperatures produced by cryofacial machines get in the game. Cold air stream targeting the treatment area during laser tattoo removal makes the procedure more comfortable and less painful. Below-freezing temperatures, enveloping the skin after aggressive treatments, calm down irritated skin and facilitate blood and lymph circulation to flush out the damaged cells and toxins and nourish the skin. In addition, they block pain signals from the receptors to the brain to soothe the post-treatment pain, and accelerate the recovery on the whole.  

Spot therapy is not limited to aesthetic treatments only, so you can target other groups outside of your usual customer range. Through the natural analgesic effect of cooling, it is helpful for chronic pain due to arthritis or inflammatory conditions, including but not limited to tendonitis or shin splints. In addition, local cryotherapy treatments improve joint mobility by promoting blood circulation and reducing pain.

Spot cryotherapy is a great tool to enhance post-surgery or post-injury recovery. It encourages and speeds up your body’s healing process and repairs tissue damage. Local cryotherapy also helps reduce scars.