What will I feel in cryosauna and after?

Cryosauna procedure includes the following: the patient enters the cryosauna in cotton underwear and fur shoe, covers and positions himself in such a way that his head lies above the level of walls. This prevents overcooling of the respiratory tract during the procedure. Thereafter, nitrogen steam mixed with air at temperatures up to -180°C is supplied to the operating zone of cryosauna (cryocabin). The procedure lasts for 1.5 minutes (at the beginning of the course) to 3 minutes (after 15 to 20 sessions).

During the procedure, the patient does not experience any discomforts unlike during tempering in ice water, as the nitrogen vapor possesses low thermal conductivity and does not overcool the body. When the session is over you will be surprised to notice that although your skin feels cold to touch your body emits a pleasant sensation of warmth from within.

Right after procedure you may feel soft pins and needles, but after few minutes you will feel happy, energetic and relaxed concurrently. It is because the level of hormones as endorphins (hormones of happiness) increases, it boosts in blood circulation and increases collagen production. In fact, the processes will take place in you body up to 6-8 hours.

The effect of cryoprocedures is similar to the effect that we get by doing exercises i.e. elevated spirits, thanks to the production of endorphins, the body tone increases, metabolism is stimulated, the fight against cellulite and overweight is sustained, and the immunity improves.