Total Muscle Recovery at Icebox Cryotherapy

Total Muscle Recovery at Icebox Cryotherapy - photo

Damon Mayers, powerlifter, sneakerhead, lifestyle coach tells us in the video how hard he need to train before APF Senior Nationals:

“So I’m actually preparing right now for APF Myrtle Beach senior nationals. Basically I’m doing two workouts a day during this cycle because I only have about 4 weeks since my last meet. So I feel in order to get any type of games at all kind of need to double up the process of work and then here I am doing on some hip thrusters.. So it’s been a pretty grueling… My body’s getting pretty banged up.. I heard about this new process called cryotherapy..”

Damon tells us about all the cryotherapy process – beginning from the blood pressure measurement, entering the cryosauna, showing how it looks like. Then we see Damon taking cryotherapy procedure and in the end we see his impressions.

“This is something  I definitely recommend for all of my clients to do at least once in your lifetime. Before I was sore, my muscles were aching and by the time I left this facility and drove back to the  gym my body was totally rejuvenated. I had all this great energy! It helps with your recovery and endurance, supposed to increase your energy level even increasing your metabolism. As I’ve heard in the few hours you can burn up to 800 calories!”