Cryosauna on Discovery Channel: “It is a different cold”

Cryosauna on Discovery Channel: “It is a different cold” - photo

The human body is capable of enduring many different environments – from Antarctica to the highest mountains – we’ve managed to find a way of enduring the cold. Would you really want to strip almost naked and stand in temperatures of -250° F? That’s colder than the coldest place on Earth. But decathlete Mustafa Abdul Rahim is about to do just that. Mustafa has volunteered to test a new treatment called whole body cryotherapy. He is using it to see if it will help his body recover from his intense training regime.

Mark Murdok, sports director, says: “We’ve known for years that cold water and ice help athletes recover because we are able to shrink blood vessels and slow the release of white blood cells to the body. White blood cells cause pain and inflammation and impede healing”. Cryotherapy takes that idea much further…

“It was not bad, it was nice!”, Mustafa will say soon. “It was really cold. But it was a different kind of cold, an ambiance cold, not like imposing and pressure on your body”. Why is it so? How does cryotherapy works? See more in this video below!