Slovak football players in Cryomed cryosauna feel relaxed

Slovak football players in Cryomed cryosauna feel relaxed - photo

In this video we will go to the changing room of Slovak national football team in their camp where they prepare for the matches. The management decided to install Cryomed Pro cryosauna right there to make cryotherapy the essential part of players recovery.

We will ask Patrik Hrošovský, a midfielder, about his cryotherapy experience.

“I feel total relaxation of the body. It is a pleasant feeling when you leave the cryosauna and the cold still affects the body. I have read that it has several benefits, it is good for the immunity for sure. Of course the recovery of the muscles too”.

Zsolt Fegyveres, the doctor of the team, says that it’s not the first cryotherapy experience in his practice: “This is actually not the first time we have the cryosauna, since our experience is very good. We have tried it during the European Championship in 2017, and the feedback from the players was excellent. It speeds up the regeneration, so we decided we will use it this time too”.

Other’s football players impressions you’ll see in video interview.