Cryoprocedures: advantages for immunity

Cryoprocedures: advantages for immunity - photo

I think, many people faced with the problem of weakened immunity and as a result dealt with such unpleasant consequences as frequent catarrhal diseases and ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection). Weakened Immune System is not only high predisposition to viral infections, but also bad general well-being. Malaise, weakness, rapid fatigue, daytime sleepiness and nighttime insomnia, appetite disorders, bad mood and even depression – all of these can testify that there is a failure in the protective system of your organism.

For ages people have used cold water quenching for boosting their immunity and vitality. In such a way they strengthen their body making it stronger to seasonal viral diseases, improving general physical well-being and emotional state. Various people still practice this traditional method, but scientific progress never stops and for these purposes offers new modern equipment, which effectiveness is proved in science and practice. In contrast to ice baths and ice-holes it is impossible to become too cold or catch cold here. We are talking about modern cryotherapeutic procedures in Cryosauna – a device for whole-body cryotherapy (cryostimulation). Who isn’t well informed about it, cryotherapy is a treatment with the short-term influence of ultralow temperatures on the tissues of the human body.

Research and practical observations have shown that cryostimulations have an excellent immunomodulatory effect. Currently investigations and practical applications of this phenomenon develop in all directions. As is known, different organs are responsible for working immune system. They are divided into central – bone marrow and thymus (thymus gland) – and peripheral – spleen, lymph nodes, lymphoid tissue. The main cells, which are in charge of immune reaction, are lymphocytes. They compose 25-40% of the all leukocytes (white blood cells). Lymphocytes identify foreign microorganisms and substances and regulate the work of different types of cells. This is totally surprising, but researchers have found that positive changes in blood are detected after 10 three-minute long whole-body cryostimulations at the temperature of -130 °C, namely, a large number of lymphocytes and monocytes is significantly increased. This fact explains improving immunological reactions after the course of whole-body cryotherapy. Moreover, sudden drop of skin temperature to +5 – +12 °C activates various regenerative functions in the organism that also strengthen protective functions and stimulate the immune system. In addition, other research confirms positive influence of cryotherapy on the central nervous system that allows removing clinical depression syndromes, improving sleep quality and beating insomnia. Cryotherapy procedure stimulates releasing endorphins (“Happy Hormones”) into the blood stream as, for instance, laugh, chocolate or favorite music. This hormone is able to boost radically your mood and general well-being.

Of course, we can’t say that whole-body cryotherapy is a panacea for all diseases and it will be enough for you just to visit cryosauna one time per day for 10 days. Every organism is individual and every way to health has own features. We just rely on real scientific facts and impressive background of experience. In combination with other methods whole-body cryotherapy gives really great results. It definitely stimulates immune system and helps to recover the organism. So, if you haven’t plunged into the healing cold yet, it is the appropriate moment to discover the advantages of cryotherapy.