Good old ice packs

At-home cryotherapy: what can it look like?

Whole-body and local cryotherapy can be available not only in clinics or spa salons. There are several methods of at-home cryotherapy for any wallet size and different efficiency. Read in our article how at-home cryotherapy can look like.

Whole-body cryotherapy will help you to be more focused and active

How Cryotherapy Works for Anxiety

Many people know whole-body cryotherapy as an effective method against injuries or chronic pain, muscle restores and immune system stimulation. But very little of them know about cryotherapy side effects. In this article, we will talk about one of them, a positive one, – anxiety treatment.

Cold is a well-known pain reducer and immune system stimulator

What is the difference between whole-body cryotherapy and ice baths?

Cold is a well-known pain reducer and immune system stimulator. It has been used for ages by athletes in sports medicine mainly in the form of ice baths. But today there is a more effective and comfortable way to get desired results – whole body cryotherapy. Read here what cryotherapy and ice baths have in common and what are the main differences.

The Many Facets of Cryotherapy

The Many Facets of Cryotherapy

To those who are not closely familiar with the latest and hottest trends in restorative healthcare, the term “cryotherapy” may appear to be a bit out of this world, bringing up associations with astronauts put to a deep slumber during long interstellar hauls.