How Cryotherapy Works for Anxiety

How Cryotherapy Works for Anxiety - photo

Many people know whole-body cryotherapy as an effective method against injuries or chronic pain, promoting muscle recovery and immune system stimulation. But very few are aware of cryotherapy side effects. In this article, we will talk about one of them, a positive one, –  anxiety treatment.

How does cryotherapy work for anxiety disorders?

During a cryotherapy session, your body is subjected to “positive” stress that activates different processes, including endorphin release. This hormone is called ‘happiness hormone’, that is why its production is essential in anxiety relief.

Endorphins are chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain. They can also help bring about feelings of euphoria and general well-being. You can stimulate endorphin production by sport exercises  (swimming, biking, running, brisk walking, tennis, dancing), tasty food, sex, laugh, massage, and other “positive” stress.

Cryotherapy sessions stimulate endorphin release making you happier
Cryotherapy sessions stimulate endorphin release making you happier

As for whole-body cryotherapy, it affects anxiety in many ways.

Boost Energy Levels

The energy you can get from a cryotherapy session is not only physical one but also mental and emotional. You may experience an incredible energy rush during your 3-minute cold treatment session that can last for hours afterward.

Get Active

Often, especially with anxiety, you can feel unmotivated to do anything. The burst of energy after a cryotherapy session will urge you to be active. The chain reaction has started! More activity in your life, less decadent mood and anxious thoughts.


Cryotherapy can override the feeling of flatness and give you a powerful boost that will increase your focus and get you wanting more out of life again. Some people report that their focus stays sharp and their memory is improved for days after a cryotherapy treatment, allowing them to complete big projects and stay on task with significantly increased productivity.

Better Sleep

If you are suffering from anxiety or depression you may find that getting to sleep or staying asleep is difficult, and fatigue can cause trouble with concentration, energy, and motivation throughout the day. Now you can get a good night’s rest and get back into a natural sleep rhythm due to cryotherapy’s aftereffects.

Increased Optimism

Cryotherapy sessions can give you a natural boost of optimism that comes from the feeling of being energized, healthy, and capable.

Almost everyone who has ever been exposed to extreme cold temperatures during a cryotherapy session noted all these effects and wanted to experience them again and again. All of that put together makes cryotherapy efficient as a natural remedy for anxiety relief.

Whole-body cryotherapy will help you to be more focused and active
Whole-body cryotherapy will help you to be more focused and active

What some athletes say after cryotherapy session about their emotional state

Matej Tóth, Slovak race walker, Olympic champion: “The pleasant feeling thanks to endorphins motivates me to train more and of course it accelerates recovery and eliminates fatigue”

Patrik Hrošovský, a midfielder of Slovak national football team: “I feel total relaxation of the body. It is a pleasant feeling when you leave the cryosauna and the cold still affects the body”

Damon Mayers, powerlifter, sneakerhead, lifestyle coach: “Before I was sore, my muscles were aching and by the time I left this facility and drove back to the gym my body was totally rejuvenated. I had all this great energy! It helps with your recovery and endurance, supposed to increase your energy level even increasing your metabolism” 

Marcin Gortat, Phoenix Suns center: “This machine doesn’t penetrate as deep as a cold tub, but it’s still good. It makes you feel better, I mean basically you feel light for the first couple of minutes. It’s helping to circulate your blood a little bit better”

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