The Many Facets of Cryotherapy

To those who are not closely familiar with the latest and hottest trends in restorative healthcare, the term “cryotherapy” may appear to be a bit out of this world, bringing up associations with astronauts put to a deep slumber during long interstellar hauls.

The Many Facets of Cryotherapy
The Many Facets of Cryotherapy

The technology, however, is a very earthly one and can be found at countless medical centers, rehab facilities, and even large gyms these days. In fact, cryogenic therapy has long left the purely medical domain and turned into a versatile technology used both for medical and cosmetic procedures. At the same time, the range of its application scenarios has widened to include multiple conditions and purposes:

  • General cryotherapy spot treatment
  • Cryotherapy treatment for age spots
  • Cryotherapy for acne treatment
  • Cryotherapy face treatment
  • Cryotherapy spa treatment
  • Cryotherapy weight loss

As you can see, cryotherapy is no longer used exclusively for treating traumas, but is steadily gaining popularity in the beauty and wellness industry. Let’s take a look at how end users and businesses can benefit from the numerous advantages offered by sub-zero temperatures.

Medical rehabilitation

Generally speaking, cryotherapy has always been used for treating traumas and chronic conditions. For centuries, the application of cold for the treatment of various injuries and diseases has been a widely-spread practice both at homes and at medical institutions. With time, high-tech cryochambers successfully replaced ice towels, ice baths, and packed ice, dramatically increased the effectiveness of treatment, and made full-body cryotherapy possible.

The effect produced by cryotherapy is multi-faceted. On the most basic level, cold reduces pain and inflammation, provokes muscle contractions and subsequent relaxation, increases the blood flow, and even temporarily changes the physical properties of the tissues. At the same time, properly administered cryogenic therapy has little to no side effects, which makes it a safe and effective method of dealing with sport traumas and reducing the duration of the rehabilitation period.


Sports cryotherapy has firmly established its position among the must-have elements of sports medicine. Most sports clubs have cryogenic equipment of some sort: either a portable unit brought to every game or a stationary one installed at their training base. This equipment is used both for treating traumas immediately after matches and for longer periods of recovery and rehabilitation between matches and even seasons. The main benefits of using cryotherapy for sports injuries are the dramatically reduced recovery time and the generally positive effect produced by the cold on the entire body of the patient.

Whole body cryotherapy is also widely used for weight loss, which is an important part of every athlete’s preparation for important events.

Beauty and wellness

The rejuvenation potential of cryotherapy couldn’t escape the eyes of the beauty and wellness industry. The ability of cryogenic procedures to accelerate cell regeneration and lymphatic drainage, improve the face tone, and cure skin diseases was duly appreciated by its representatives, which is why cryochambers and local cryotherapy devices are some of the most common tools in the business these days.  

Cryotherapy is especially popular for its anti-aging effect. When the patient’s skin is subjected to sub-zero temperatures, it triggers the body’s natural protective reaction and results in a number of positive consequences:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Faster metabolism and removal of toxins
  • Weight loss
  • Activation of the immune system’s potential
  • Production of extra collagen for smoother, firmer skin with fewer wrinkles and narrower pores
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Hormonal stabilization
  • Treatment of various types of dermatitis

Today, the beauty and wellness industry is arguably the most active user of cryotherapy for a variety of purposes.

Adding cryotherapy to your list of services

If you own or manage a business related to cosmetology, fitness, and sports, it’s high time you added cryotherapy to you service portfolio. Not only will it augment your service offering and attract new customers, but will also potentially generate a separate revenue stream from customers seeking this particular type of therapy in their city. Ready to make the first step, but don’t know how? Let us share our knowledge with you.

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