Cryotherapy for eczema

Eczema is pruritic dermatitis that is characterized by inflammation of the skin. In dermatology, consultations due to eczema make up 30% of total consultations. People suffering from this problem can try a treatment which includes whole-body cryotherapy for eczema. 

Cryotherapy and eczema is an issue that hasn’t been fully investigated, but some effects are proven for sure. For example, after entering a cryosauna, the cold quickly calms skin irritation and red patches soon begin to decrease.

Cryotherapy benefits for eczema

If someone suffers from this eczema at a very young age, then it will often appear again years later as an adult. In some cases, eczema is concentrated in one specific area of the skin. However, some people experience episodes of eczema resulting in the spread of symptoms to other parts of the body. 

That’s why both local cryotherapy and whole-body cryotherapy can be good for this purpose depending on the size affected areas and their localization.

The main benefits of cryotherapy for eczema are:

  • It helps to calm skin irritation;
  • easing pain;
  • rejuvenates skin, decreases red patches;
  • boosting the immune system, so your body would be able to heal itself.
The main benefit of cryotherapy for eczema is calming skin irritation
The main benefit of cryotherapy for eczema is calming skin irritation

Does cryotherapy help eczema?

People often doubt if cryotherapy really works on eczema. And this is understandable – not so long ago cryotherapy was used only by athletes for recovery or injuries treatment. But now it is gaining popularity with the speed of light and many people all over the world every day experience the benefits of cryotherapy in skin problems treatment, including eczema.

Still not sure if cryotherapy is good for eczema?

You can try cryotherapy treatment for eczema in the nearest cryo centre or contact us for more information.