Does cryotherapy reduce cellulite?

A whopping 90% of women over 40 suffer from cellulite. Despite common misconceptions, cellulite is not solely a result of excess fat accumulation but rather a consequence of water retention, causing unsightly dimpling on the skin surface. Unfortunately, even the most diligent healthy eating and exercise regimens may not be enough to prevent its occurrence.

Does whole-body cryotherapy work on cellulite?

Subzero sessions in a cryosauna are an excellent addition to anti-cellulite med spa and fitness programs. The temperatures down to -180°C immediately put your body in “positive” stress that results in

  • boosted collagen production;
  • improved microcirculation;
  • lymph draining and better cell nutrition;
  • enhanced metabolism;
  • improved hormonal balance.

As you see, whole-body cryotherapy affects cellulite on different levels. Increased collagen production helps smooth skin texture by improving elasticity and firmness while also eradicating stretch marks. Boosted blood circulation and lymphatic outflow facilitate excess water draining.

Before/after a 3-week cryotherapy course involving 10 local extreme cold sessions with a Cryofan

Stimulation of metabolism helps burn extra calories. Accelerated metabolism converts food into energy faster, while with a slow metabolism, energy is stored in fatty tissues, which, in the absence of diet and exercise, contributes to weight gain.

Whole-body cryotherapy sessions naturally promote a significant boost in testosterone, the male hormone, which is beneficial for fat burning. 

Also, fat cells are highly sensitive to extreme cold and can actually undergo self-destruction under freezing temperatures. By shedding fatty lumps and eliminating the bonds holding them together, cryotherapy contributes much to cellulite reduction.  

Does local cryotherapy help cellulite? 

Though local cold treatments do not have systemic effects, they remain highly efficient for improving microcirculation, promoting collagen production, and destroying unwanted fat deposits. 

Spot anti cellulite cryotherapy may serve as a more refined tool for cellulite treatment, allowing it to target individual problem areas requiring greater emphasis, like thighs or buttocks.

Hence, a combination of whole-body and local cryotherapy may become a powerful modality to combat cellulite. 

Don’t forget, however, that none of the up-to-date anti-cellulite techniques can be a magic pill. A balanced nutrition and moderate daily physical activity (with an accent placed on consistency rather than intensity) is a base step on your way to healthy and smooth skin.
Cryotherapy for cellulite
Cryotherapy for cellulite

What are the benefits of anti-cellulite cryotherapy compared with other techniques?

Subzero treatments are safe, time- and cost-efficient, and have proven effects. 

  • Whole-body cryotherapy sessions take 3 minutes maximum, while local treatments last up to 8-10 minutes. The pre-treatment preparations and post-treatment activities (excluding the travel time) won’t take more than 20-25 minutes. Cryo cellulite treatments may quite comfortably fit into your lunchtime. 
  • There are no post-treatment limitations or recovery downtime after an anti-cellulite cryotherapy session. 
  • The average cost of a cryotherapy session for cellulite reduction is about €35, while, for example, an invasive liposuction starts at €1,500 per zone and up, and laser cellulite treatments range from €2,500 to €3,500 per zone. Sure, you will need a set of cryotherapy sessions, but most providers have package deals allowing you to get a more affordable treatment price. 

Besides, anti-cellulite cryotherapy programs use a pay-as-you-go approach, so you won’t be required to spread a lump sum upfront, thus having a more comfortable payment plan. 

Still not sure if extreme cold therapy helps get rid of cellulite?

You can try anti-cellulite cryotherapy in the nearest cryo center or contact us for more details.