What is cryotherapy facial?

Cryotherapy facial – is stimulation of face skin and neckline with the steam of liquid nitrogen with the help of a local cryotherapy device. Unlike whole-body cryotherapy when the whole body (except the head) is affected by cold, in local cryotherapy you can direct the steam of cold to a specific area. This feature is widely used in the beauty and medical industries.

Cryotherapy facial is extremely popular among celebrities
Cryotherapy facial is extremely popular among celebrities

How does cryotherapy facial work?

The concept of cryotherapy facial is based on the short-term application of extremely low temperatures to a particular area of face or necklace. 

Cryo facials session causes:

  • muscles contraction;
  •  increase the blood flow to the treated area; 
  • soothe inflammation; 
  • collagen production stimulation;
  • speedup cell regeneration.

Benefits of cryotherapy facial

Thanks to all these effects, cryotherapy facial became extremely popular among celebrities. The main benefits of cryo facials sessions are:

  • anti-ageing effect – due to more intensive collagen production and blood circulation, the skin looks more smooth and shining. It’s a gentler and more effective than traditional remedies such as botox and herbal supplements. It helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines in a natural way.
  • help in different skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis – local cryotherapy reduces redness on the skin, irritation and provides pain relief.
  • mood improvement – positive stress causes endorphin production that makes you feel happier.

What to expect during cryo facials session?

The treatment lasts 8-10 minutes, during which cold air is applied to the scalp, the whole face and the neck. The treatment is pain-free, for many of the customers it is even pleasant. Some patients may experience a ‘pins and needles’ sensation which disappears quickly after the treatment.

The effect is immediate and could last up to 7 days. But for a more stable result, it is better to have cryo facials sessions every 3-4 weeks.

What cryogenic device could be used for cryotherapy facial?

Cryomed produces 2 models of local cryotherapy devices – Cryofan CF-04 and Cryofan CF-05, and one more medical version Cryofan CF-04+.

Cryofan CF-04 is used for cryo facials
Cryofan CF-04 is used for cryo facials

The differences between these models are in size, weight and design, but they are all effective in their purposes. They can be used not only for cryotherapy facial, but also demonstrate outstanding results for localized injuries involving back, knee, elbow or other joint pains, skin damage, muscle tension, ligament sprains, and so forth.

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