Is cryotherapy like an ice bath?

Is cryotherapy like an ice bath?
Is cryotherapy like an ice bath?

Whole body cryotherapy is very different from ice bath.

In cryotherapy dry rush of cold air is used instead of cold water, causing the body to respond to triggered cold sensors in the skin’s surface instead of the deeply penetrating cold of the ice bath.

In a traditional ice bath cold water causes the body to warm blood in its core to transport to dilated vessels in outer tissue, forcing the body to overexert itself in preventing the skin’s surface from freezing.

While in an ice bath your body actually feels like it’s freezing, the main cryotherapy benefit is that it “tricks” the body into applying better healing mechanisms without the penetrating cold.

The result is a more comfortable healing experience where the total time your body is exposed to air in the whole body cryotherapy session is never more than 3 minutes.

In addition, one cryotherapy course (10-20 sessions) match up from 2 to 3 years of ice bathing.