“I think there is something about it”. Slovak football players in Cryomed cryosauna feel relaxed

“I think there is something about it”. Slovak football players in Cryomed cryosauna feel relaxed - photo

Let’s go to the changing room of Slovak national football team in their camp where they prepare for the matches! The management decided to install Cryomed Pro cryosauna right there to make cryotherapy the essential part of players recovery.

We will ask Patrik Hrošovský, a midfielder, about his cryotherapy experience.

Slovak football players use cryosauna to recover
Slovak football players use cryosauna to recover

Patko, do you have any experience with the cryosauna?

Yes yes I do, actually I go to the dry-cryosauna in Plzen too.

How does it affect you? How do you feel about it?

Total relaxation of the body. It is a pleasant feeling when you leave the cryosauna and the cold still affects the body.

Does it speed up your regeneration? Or why did you decide to go to the cryosauna?

I have read that it has several benefits, it is good for the immunity for sure. Of course the recovery of the muscles too.

This is why you go there once a week? Can’t you go more often? Or it there some kind of a schedule?

Maybe I could go more often, but I set it up like this, and I think it works for me.

How long have you been going to the crosauna?

Probably a year, I started to go a year ago, around this time.

Zsolt Fegyveres, the doctor of the team, says that it’s not the first cryotherapy experience in his practice:

Sports doctor recommends cryotherapy
Sports doctor recommends cryotherapy

The Slovak Eagles have a cryosauna on their camp currently. What are your opinions about that, doctor?

This is actually not the first time we have the cryosauna, since our experience is very good. We have tried it during the European Championship in 2017, and the feedback from the players was excellent. It speeds up the regeneration, so we decided we will use it this time too.

Was it with the 21 years old?

Yes, it was.

What is the difference between the cryosauna and the cryo chamber?

The major difference, as we see here is, that the person doesn’t have to breathe the liquid nitrogen – that is cryosauna. In the cryo chamber you have to walk around slowly and breathe the liquid nitrogen.

How often do you advise the players to go to the cryosauna?

It would be ideal right after physical stress, in up to one hour. The maximum is 2-3 times a week.

Why is there a stationary bicycle?

Because the cryosauna narrows the vessels, and we need 2-3 minutes to warm up the muscles. There is more oxygen after the repletion and the regeneration is faster.

Ján Greguš, one more midfielder of a National Slovak team, tells about his first session in cryosauna:

Cryotherapy helps to recover football players
Cryotherapy helps to recover football players

Yes, it was the first. It wasn’t very pleasant at the beginning, but then I got used to it and it was fine. I think there is something about it.

Have you heard about it before?

Yes, I had, the guys from the crew use it, but the full version. I am glad I tried it, that I could have at least my head outside of it, so now I can compare the two.

And will you go?

I would like to, for sure.

And they definitely will! The positive effect of cryotherapy has been proven by hundreds of athletes around the world. Regular cryotherapy sessions helps to reduce pain and recover faster, and that could be very important component on the way to success.

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