What do I need to operate a cryotherapy machine? 

Neither the FDA nor any other agency classify open-top cryosaunas and walk-in cryochambers for whole-body cryotherapy as medical devices. It means that a cryotherapy session does not need a doctor’s oversight, and an operator of a cryotherapy device is not required to have a medical license.

An operator training certificate issued by Cryomed or our distributor is enough to use cryogenic equipment. Besides, all our cryosaunas feature intelligent and user-friendly software making cryosauna operation control simple, transparent, and safe.

However, as cryotherapy involves exposure to extreme temperatures and, therefore, presents certain risks, treatment protocols, including safety guidelines, are included into Cryomed’s online training course mandatory for all operators.  In addition, business owners are strongly recommended to have informed consent forms signed before the first session. This ensures that the customer was briefed about contraindication and safety rules.  In case of chronic health conditions, we always recommend consulting your medical doctor before taking a freezing session.