Can a customer do cryotherapy every day?

Can a visitor do cryotherapy every day?
Can a customer do cryotherapy every day?

Cryotherapy is a safe way to feel better, boost immunity, recover after training faster or deal with health issues. How often you can schedule cryosessions depends on: 

  • the goals you want to achieve;
  • possible limitations like convenient session scheduling, etc. 

A healthy person wanting to lose weight, improve immunity, energy, sleep, or general well-being is not restricted to a certain number of sessions per week or day. Still, do not ignore common sense. 2 to 3 sessions weekly is a general recommendation. The treatment period is up to the customer, but remember to make intervals every few months to avoid habituation. 

Customers at the start of their cryotherapy journey are recommended to cryo 2-3 times per week for about 3 weeks to accustom to extreme colds. 

Healthy athletes may use cryotherapy on an ongoing or occasional basis, depending on the effect they want to gain. Usually, they can cryo after physical overloads and hard training to recover faster and eliminate muscle pain. Team sports athletes can take sessions between games to improve performance. 

After an injury, an athlete might need a series of up to 10 daily treatments to advance recovery, alleviate inflammation, and fight pain syndrome. 

Chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia may require 10 to 20 consecutive sessions to accumulate the effect and achieve a visible result.  

For post-surgical recovery, it is recommended to have at least 3 sessions per week for 3 weeks.

It is generally considered that for a therapeutic effect, a customer should take at least 10 sessions once daily. While 20 consecutive treatments most probably give more pronounced and long-lasting results. 

To sum up, a doctor’s or a cryo center professional’s consultation is a must to understand what frequency of cryo sessions is optimal for an individual customer. Remember to check contraindications limiting the customer’s eligibility for cryotherapy treatment.