Can cryotherapy help with faster injury recovery?

Can cryotherapy help with faster injury recovery? - photo

Can cryotherapy help with faster injury recovery?

Perhaps the Brazilian’s football star Neymar can be one of the most illustrative examples. After he had undergone surgery for his damaged right ankle, his fans were worried that he might never play again. However, on August 03, 2023, Neymar scored a goal in his first game after the injury. And it was cryotherapy, in particular, that made it possible.

In his interview, Rodrigo Iglesias, a physiotherapist with 16 years of experience and a cryotherapy pioneer in Brazil, recommends whole-body extreme cold therapy for efficient recovery after training and games. Among other benefits of cryotherapy sessions, the medic emphasizes the remarkable post-injury rehabilitation effects of freezing exposure.

Thanks to Rodrigo Iglesias, Brazilian sports clubs Corinthians, Cruzeiro, and Bragantino incorporated extreme cold treatments into their recovery protocols and purchased cryotherapy machines for their teams.

You don’t have to be a famous football player to experience the benefits of cryotherapy. Browse our cryo map and book a treatment in the nearest cryo center.