The many benefits of cryotherapy are now also in Torino

The many benefits of cryotherapy are now also in Torino - photo

Here is the story of business development of our Italian distributor Benergy:

“It is called cryotherapy and is getting really popular in America. But you don’t need to catch a plane. It exists also in Italy, particularly in Torino: it’s at the gym Ginnic Life, in road San Francesco da Paola 40/d.

Carlo Zucca, the owner of the centre, doctorate in Sports Science and for 20 years in the field, will advise you and create an ad hoc program for you.

The system is requested and aspired. Many were waiting for it under the Mole, because cities such as Rome or Milan could already benefit from this service. Since not long ago, in Torino only the Juventus possessed it, which uses it exclusively for its athletes.

How does it work? Inside big steel cylinders the person is standing with only his head out. Wearing only warm footwear and underwear. Then they are shrouded. Nitrogen covers them like a curtain (that from liquid becomes gaseous and is non-toxic) at -170°C, for about 3 minutes. The perception on the skin is about -15 degrees. “Cold has always been a very strong anti-inflammatory, thanks to vasoconstriction”, explains Carlo Zucca. It is also very effective in chronic pain relief and to treat osteoporosis. “It is very requested from women: it is capable of triggering a rapid weight loss (it helps losing weight by burning fatty acids and boosting metabolism, nda) and reduces cellulite effect because it activates blood microcirculation”. Just to give you one figure: in 3 minutes they arrive to burning up to 1300 calories. After just a few sessions, you can already see, by eye, the benefits. That is why, during this first week at Ginnic Life, many Torinese women have already tested it.

But cryotherapy, as illustrated by Zucca, has infinite applications, from asthma to the recuperation of sexual desire. It can also help with the sleep cycle, it lowers the glycemic levels in people with diabetes, it raises the so called good cholesterol, it is used for people suffering from headaches, because cold raises pain thresholds…” The first ones using it were rugby players that suffer from the biggest number of microtrauma, but the ones resorting to cryotherapy are football players after sporting activities but also athletes from the NBA. In Europe it is much more known than in Italy”, explains again Zucca.

However, today, many are looking for it: both people who have diseases and those who want to increase their tonicity and their physical well-being. Finally it has arrived in the centre of Torino”.