Cryomed’s second annual distributor meeting

Cryomed’s second annual distributor meeting was held on the 24th of October in Bratislava, Slovakia. We were happy to greet our distributors from 12 countries. 

During the meeting, we presented our medical cryotherapy equipment and two new cryosauna models, Cryomed Mini and Basic. Another new project we presented was Cryobus with a mobile cryosauna. In addition, new features in Cryomed Pro and Cryomed One were discussed, as well as potential upgrades and improvements. A new cryosauna in plastic design was demonstrated, too. Cryomed’s technical team expects to complete it by the end of the year. 

We are very grateful to all our distributors who attended the conference and shared their ideas, success stories, and best practices!

The second annual conference of cryosauna distributors
The second annual conference of cryosauna distributors

The first Cryomed’s distributor meeting took place in Beladice, Slovakia in November 2018 and we hope that it has become a good tradition for ages. Such meetings are a good opportunity for partners and distributors of cryotherapy equipment to share the knowledge and experience. And of course, they help us to build a friendly and strong relationship between members of the Cryomed team!

Meetings will be held each year, but you can discuss all the cryotherapy issues online at any time. Welcome to our forum!

If you want to be a part of our team and become a cryosauna distributor, read  this article to know how.