Small helpers for your big cryotherapy business

Small helpers for your big cryotherapy business - photo

Good news for Cryomed distributors! We’ve launched a new section where you can find, choose and purchase different marketing materials that can help you to promote your cryo business.

You can find our branded clothes for your staff there – T-shirts, polo T-shirts, vests both for men and women. Sizes from XS to XL are available.  

Soft bathrobes and different color towels for your clients will make the cryotherapy procedure more comfortable.

Pens and bottles, brochures and posters – all these small details make a big, good and lasting impression of your cryotherapy business.

To purchase this merchandise, complete the order form below the required product and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can see all the prices for the cryotherapy kit on the Cryomed merchandise page.

Cryomed have been producing Cryosaunas (also known as cryotherapy machines, cryotherapy systems, cryocapsules) since 2002. We not only pay attention to the sale of cryotherapy equipment, but also to the production of related marketing products, as well as the installation, service and support of the equipment, the training of your staff and helping you promote your cryo business.