Electric cryogenic air blower

What Stormfiber-II is for?

Stormfiber-II is designed for cooling specific skin areas and thus reducing pain, redness, swelling, and thermal damages caused by the laser, intense pulsed light (IPL), and radiofrequency (RF) treatments. Cooled air stream does not interfere with the laser beam emission so this device may be used pre, post, and even during the laser treatment.


How Does it Work?

A targeted area is treated with a stream of cooled air for some 10 minutes. The air temperature may reach -30°C. But it feels comfortable and calming. You may have a pricking or tingling feeling at the end but it will soon pass.


Cryogenic Storage In Cryotherapy

Dewar tanks in cryotherapy are used primarily to supply nitrogen into cryogenic equipment during its operation. Another their function is transporting and storing liquid nitrogen with maximum safety and efficiency.

Dewar tanks we offer are compatible with Cryomed’s whole-body and local cryogenic equipment:

  • 35-liter Dewar tanks come in set with the Dewar type cryosaunas and local cryogenic machines;
  • 50-liter tanks are available optionally for cryosaunas and CRYOFAN CF-04;
  • 10-liter Dewars are optional for CRYOFAN CF-04.

Feel free to contact our sales department for the pricing on Dewar tanks.


  • Compressors imported from Japan
    Compressors imported from Japan
  • Powerful air blower
    Powerful air blower
  • Independent noise reduction system
    Independent noise reduction system
  • Super-low treatment temperature -30°C
    Super-low treatment temperature -30°C
  • Super light cold air hose 200g
    Super light cold air hose 200g
  • Stepless speed regulation, temperature adjustment knob
    Stepless speed regulation, temperature adjustment knob
  • One-key start-stop button
    One-key start-stop button


Controlling screen
with temperature indicator
Power supply 100V~240V / 50-60Hz
Total power consumption 1.5 kW
Refrigeration Power 0.5 kW
Temperature range
from -4° to -30° (-4/-8/-12/-16/-20/-24/-28/-30)
Fan speed from 1 to 8 (adjustable)
Cryogenic hose length 2.5 m
Dimensions and weight 610 x 380 x 750 mm
Package size 820 x 500 x 930 mm
Machine net weight 820 x 500 x 930 mm
Machine net weight 50 kg
Package weight 74 kg

Better Used for

  1. Permanent hair removal by a diode laser, IPL, CO2 fractional laser, long pulse ND:YAG laser or alexandrite laser.
  2. Radiofrequency or high-frequency skin rejuvenation therapy.
  3. PICO laser for removing freckles, moles, and tattoos.
  4. Temporary anesthesia before injections.