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Cryotherapy is the use of extremely low temperatures in medical therapy, beauty procedures, healing sports injuries and others. “Cryo” in Greek means “cold” – so, cryotherapy is also called “cold therapy”.

Healing powers of ice were known and used at least from the times of the famous Greek doctor Hippocrates, for treatment of various diseases. In modern-day cryotherapy, liquid nitrogen is used in place of ice, and the temperature of liquid nitrogen is approximately minus 196°C.

Benefits of cryotherapy

The positive effects of cryotherapy could not be ignored. Today millions of people around the world could experience the amazing revitalizing capabilities of cryotherapy in cryo-centers, clinics, wellness and spa salons, and other treatment and rehabilitation institutions.

Pain relief and muscle healingReduced inflammation
Improving symptoms of
eczema and other skin
conditions (acne, psoriasis, etc.)
Immune system stimulation
Reducing anxiety and depressionImproving sleeping disorders
Weight-loss and anti-aging effectAnd many others
Top 8 undeniable benefits of cryotherapy for everyone
What are the advantages of
whole-body and local cryotherapy?

Whole-body and local

Depending on your needs, you can use whole-body or local cryotherapy.

The main difference between them is that during whole-body cryotherapy sessions the full patients’ body (except the head, talking about cryosauna) is affected by extremely cold temperatures. The concept of local cryotherapy is based on the short-term application of extremely low temperatures to a particular area of a patient’s body (for example, face, knee, or elbow).

Both in full body and local cryotherapy works as a reducer of the sensitivity of skin receptors and conductivity of nerve fibers, and results in a noticeable anesthetic effect; at the same time improves blood circulation and oxygenating.

Cryo industries

There are 3 major targets of people that are benefit from cryotherapy:

First of all, it is athletes, as well as fitness professionals. Sports cryotherapy has firmly established its position among the must-have elements of sports medicine. This equipment is used both for treating traumas immediately after matches and for longer periods of recovery and rehabilitation between matches and even seasons

Second group of interest is medical centers. Cryosauna represents an ideal ergonomic and effective solution for hospitals, orthopedic, rheumatologic or rehabilitation centers.

And the last – cryotherapy and beauty centers. People who are interested in anti-ageing, weight loss, acne treatments, fatigue reducement and other pleasant “side effects” of cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy benefits
Which industries prefer cryotherapy as a service because of its undeniable benefits?