Cryotherapy Machine Lease

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Why to lease a cryotherapy chamber?

The cryosauna leasing option from Cryomed, similar to cryotherapy machine rental, is intended for customers looking to start a cryotherapy business but may be temporarily lacking the money to pay in full right from the start. This group of potential customers may want to use existing funds for other business-related expenses rather than having to spend everything they have on equipment at an early stage.

The new cryosauna financing option is yet another incentive for owners of small sports and fitness clubs, rehab centers, private clinics, and similar organizations that are just starting to provide cryotherapy services. Cryotherapy machine leasing is a faster and less involved way of securing financing for the latest generation of cryogenic equipment offered by Cryomed.

Cryotherapy machine lease conditions

As a financial tool, a cryo chamber lease is a perfect opportunity to jump-start a health-related business even with limited funding. Cryomed is the first company in the EU market with this unique proposition:

  • 20% down payment;
  • The remaining 80% of the cryosauna lease cost is broken down into 12 monthly installments;
  • Cryotherapy chamber lease adds a 10% mark-up on the retail price.

This offer applies to both of the company’s cryo chamber models: Cryomed Pro (dewar or pressurized) and Cryomed Mini (pressurized). All Cryomed equipment, including the models offered with the cryotherapy lease option, is fully compliant with the most stringent safety requirements of the EU market and has been officially certified for use by individual consumers and medical institutions. Cryotherapy equipment leasing from Cryomed is available immediately to all European Union customers without limitations.

If you are the owner of a sports club, gym, private clinic, or rehab center, use this chance and take advantage of Cryomed’s unique cryo cabin lease offer. Our cryotherapy machine units boast outstanding build quality, best-in-class safety features, latest cryotherapy technologies, and remarkable ease of use.