Cryotherapy for wellness

Whole-body cryotherapy for wellness is one of the fastest growing, alternative, and holistic solutions to help the body heal on a cellular level. Cryotherapy switches our body into survival mode boosting all defensive mechanisms. The blood becomes super oxygenated supplying nutrient-rich blood which rushes through the body once the cold is removed. Following your 3-minute cryo session, the blood quickly replenishes the body while removing the inflammation and the toxins, allowing healing to begin within the body. 

Cryotherapy is 100% natural and safe treatment to decrease inflammation, reduce pain, increase cellular health and promote overall health. 

Cryotherapy benefits for wellness

The benefits of whole-body cryotherapy for wellness have been supported by a wide range of scientific studies. The main benefits are:

  • Decrease of muscle spasms, soreness and inflammation – the intense cooling induces a number of physiological changes such as stimulation of blood flow to an injured area thereby reducing swelling. Inflammatory mediators are reduced, inducing a powerful immune system response. The cold also increases pain thresholds and thereby reduces pain, so cryotherapy can be used in both acute and chronic pain.
  • Alleviates migraines – cryotherapy can help treat migraines by cooling and numbing nerves in the neck area. 
  • Prevent wrinkles, fatigue, improve skin appearance – studies have shown that cryotherapy stimulates collagen production which is responsible for skin smoothness and elasticity. Besides this, oxygen-enriched blood that rushes to your face after a cryo session makes your skin shining. 
  • Depression and overall stress prevention – cryo sessions provoke endorphin production (endorphins are the body’s natural mood lifters).
  • Immune system boost – whole-body cryotherapy triggers systemic adaptive thermoregulation mechanisms. The response of the body to extreme cold occurs through changes in the endocrine, circulatory, nervous-muscular, and immune systems, which results in analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidative effects.  
  • Improves sleep, boosts metabolismweight-loss – and many other pleasant side effects of whole-body cryotherapy.
Whole-body cryotherapy for wellness
Whole-body cryotherapy for wellness

Does cryotherapy help wellness?

If you’ll try cryotherapy on yourself, the question “Does cryotherapy really work on wellness?” will not be actual for you. Numerous benefits of whole-body cryotherapy were proven by thousands of athletes, celebrities and usual people. Regular cryo sessions can bring your life to another level and improve your wellness. 

Still not sure if cryotherapy is good for wellness?

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