What’s the difference between Cryomed Pro and Cryomed One?

The main differences of Cryomed One from the flagship Cryomed Pro are compact dimensions and lower weight. Upgraded cooling system built-in monoblock along with the S-size cabin in a standard set delivers to the client comfortable feelings of positive effects of cryotherapy.

What cryo chamber is better for your business?
What cryo chamber is better for your business?

The Cryomed One stands apart also in an inexpensive installation, due to compact dimensions (1780 mm H × 1120 mm L × 900 mm W) makes it possible to install the device in a premises where other models of cryosauna wouldn‘t fit. One requires only 1 m2 area for placement. So if you are an owner of small beauty, sports or medical business, Cryomed One is what you need.

But if you are an owner of big business, Cryosauna Cryomed Pro is an excellent investment, that is great for your customer‘s health and a promising business acquisition.

When people come for treatment, they invest in their health. By investing in a Cryomed Pro cryosauna you can launch a reliable business without a large capital, without putting all on the line. But you need to realize, that the room for Cryosauna Cryomed Pro should meet more strict requirements  than for Cryomed One, and it is more expensive in transportation and installation.

But whatever cryosauna you’ll choose, Cryomed Pro or Cryomed One, you’ll definitely get the best product for whole body cryotherapy.

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