What is the cost of a cryosauna?

Planning your cryotherapy business you certainly will face the question of its profitability and how much does a cryosauna machine cost.

About how to start a cryotherapy business you can read here. What about cryotherapy machine, the cost varies depending on the type of cryosauna you need and additional features.

What is the cost of cryosauna
How much does a cryotherapy treatment in cryosaunas cost?

Determine your purpose

First of all, you need to choose what cryochamber is the best for your purposes.

Do you need whole body cryotherapy machine or local cryotherapy device is enough for your purposes?

What kind of business do you have: sports, medicine or beauty?

All these questions are essential while starting cryotherapy business.


Whole body cryotherapy machine cost is higher than the price for local cryotherapy device, but it is more effective in pain relief purposes or, for example, weight loss.

Cryo chamber helps to recover faster, cells are rejuvenating, skin looks younger and much more benefits of whole body cryotherapy. You can read about all of them here. All your investments will pay off quickly!

Cryotherapy is gaining population not only among professional athletes but also among celebrities and ordinary people who care about their wellness. See the video where Mark Wahlberg tells about his cryotherapy experience and what happened with his nipples in cryo chamber.

Local cryotherapy is good for athletes as an emergency solution and perfect in a beauty salon as an additional service for anti-ageing programmes. It helps to improve your physical performance, gives pain relief, reduces inflammation, provides fast muscle recovery, improves blood circulation and skin tone, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, minimizes scars.

It can be used even in veterinary care! You can read more about local cryotherapy here.

Time to make a decision

If whole body cryo chamber is what you need, cryosauna Cryomed Pro is for you. It is our flagship model and its efficiency was proven by thousands of satisfied clients. It is more expensive than our other model – Cryomed One, including transportation and installation. But definitely getting Cryomed Pro is the best investment that you can make for your business!

Cryomed One is a compact device for those who lack free space but want to make cryotherapy a part for your services list. Moreover, it is cheaper in installation and transportation due to its dimensions.

Whole body cryotherapy cryosauna
Whole body cryotherapy cryosauna

Here you can see the comparison of technical parameters of these 2 models:

ModelTypeDimensions: HxLxWWeight, kgPower consumption, KW
Cryomed ProDewar/pressurized2440x1600x1016400max 1,5
Cryomed OnePressurized1780x1120x900250max 1

Additional features also influences on the final cost of cryotherapy machine. For example, they may be:

  • outer upholstery color selection (21 colors to choose from);
  • internal upholstery color selection (9 colors);
  • color selection of the temperature display;
  • selection of a cabin size (S / M / L);
  • redesigned multicolor TOP LED lighting, LED system is also placed underneath the cabin, refiling spot of the device. The color and brightness of the lighting is controlled independently for each zone;
  • mounted tablet;
  • own branding (embroidered logo on inner upholstery, a Big logo on the outer shell);
  • UNIQUE safety feature – The Accident Prevention System;
  • remote control system for smartphones.

As for local cryotherapy devices, we have 2 models: Cryofan CF-04 and Cryofan CF-05. The last one is an improved version of its highly successful Cryofan CF-04 model. The Successor, CF-05, is based on the same simple, yet reliable and durable design, and features a number of improvements on the safety and usability sides.

Local cryotherapy device Cryofan CF-05
Local cryotherapy device Cryofan CF-05

In the table, you can see the comparison of these two models.

ModelWeight, kgPrecooling time (-100º С), minGas stream temperature (max.)Nitrogen consumption per 1 session, l
Cryofan CF-043,7~4-120º С0,6
Cryofan CF-0523,3~3-130º С0,7

The cost of local cryotherapy device varies depending on model and additional features.

So how much does a cryosauna machine cost?

Please contact our sales department to get detailed information about how much does a cryotherapy chamber or local cryotherapy device cost. Our specialists are happy to provide consultation regarding the model that works best for you!

Moreover, follow our news not to miss promotional campaigns and special offers!