What is the best full body cryotherapy machine?

All Cryomed cryotherapy equipment is of the best quality and performs its functions on the highest level. And sometimes our clients face the problem of how to choose a total body cryotherapy machine that will correspond to their purposes and needs. Taking into account all the pros and cons of whole body cryotherapy, they want to provide the best for their clients. 

To help you make a decision, our consultants always ask several questions:

  • What is your business and for what purposes do you need a cryotherapy chamber? 
  • How much space do you have for your cryotherapy cabinet?
  • Do you need a whole-body cryotherapy device or partial cryotherapy too?  
  • How many clients are you supposed to have per day? Based on this information, we will understand the approximate liquid nitrogen consumption and how many tanks of liquid nitrogen you will need to have each month.
  • Have you read our customers’ reviews of similar businesses? This will help you to make a choice.

After answering all of these questions, you will definitely choose the best full cryotherapy machine for your business