What is cryotherapy good for?

Whole-body cryotherapy is good for many reasons. Some of the benefits of whole-body cryotherapy are still being explored, but most of them are not in doubt. People have been using “cold treatment” for years and here are some of the most common effects.

Cryotherapy good for your immune system

Short-time exposure to extremely low temperatures between -110°C and -170°C strengthen the immune system. Whole-body cryotherapy triggers systemic adaptive thermoregulation mechanisms. The response of the body to extreme cold occurs through changes in the endocrine, circulatory, nervous-muscular, and immune systems, which results in analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidative effects.

Cryotherapy is good for medical rehabilitation

The effect produced by cryotherapy is multi-faceted. On the most basic level, cold reduces pain and inflammation, provokes muscle contractions and subsequent relaxation, increases the blood flow, and even temporarily changes the physical properties of the tissues. At the same time, properly administered cryogenic therapy has little to no side effects, which makes it a safe and effective method of dealing with traumas and reducing the duration of the rehabilitation period.

Cryotherapy is good for athletes

Sports cryotherapy has firmly established its position among the must-have elements of sports medicine. Most sports clubs have cryogenic equipment of some sort: either a portable unit brought to every game or a stationary one installed at their training base. This equipment is used both for treating traumas immediately after matches and for longer periods of recovery and rehabilitation between matches and even seasons. The main benefits of using cryotherapy for sports injuries is the reduced recovery time.

Cryotherapy is widely used for athletes recovery
Cryotherapy is widely used for athletes recovery

Cryotherapy is good for beauty

The ability of cryogenic procedures to accelerate cell regeneration and lymphatic drainage, improve the face tone, and cure skin diseases was duly appreciated by representatives of wellness and beauty industries, which is why cryosaunas and local cryotherapy devices are extremely popular in beauty procedures today.  

Cryotherapy is especially popular for its anti-aging effect. When the patient’s skin is subjected to sub-zero temperatures, it triggers the body’s natural protective reaction and results in a number of positive consequences.

Cryotherapy is widely used for athletes recovery
Cryotherapy is extremely popular as a beauty procedure

Cryotherapy is good for your mood and wellbeing

During a cryotherapy session, your body is subjected to “positive” stress that activates endorphin production. This hormone called happiness hormone, that’s why the production of it is essential for your good mood. Whole-body cryotherapy boosts energy level, helps you to stay focused and active, improves sleep and, as a result, increases optimism.