How to start a mobile cryotherapy business?

Starting a mobile cryotherapy business seems to be challenging, but there is nothing impossible when you have a good plan.

  1. Choose the equipment. It could be a mobile cryo chamber truck or van, or you can install a cryosauna in your own van. Cryomed has Cryobus that was specially developed for such needs. It is a minibus with a cryosauna inside (Cryomed One or Cryomed Mini), equipped with a changing room and two padded stools, tray table, shelves, an AC/heater and a generator. The equipment, external and internal design could be adjusted per your taste and needs.

You can buy it or use trade-in, lease or rental services.

  1. Modify your mobile cryotherapy chamber. Make your van attractive and memorable – it is a part of your marketing efforts. Сryobus can be recreated for you, the interior can also be adjusted as per your request according to your needs. You can opt for a fully equipped unit or buy an AC / generator / pressurized tank by yourself.
We can modify Cryobus per your request to start successful mobile cryotherapy business
We can modify Cryobus per your request to start successful mobile cryotherapy business
  1. Find the best locations for your mobile cryotherapy business. Your mobile cryo chamber can travel anywhere, but particularly targeting areas with many potential clients will help you to have a constant loading. Preferably choose locations where sports/fitness and recovery businesses are. 
  1. Marketing. Connections with other businesses can help you a lot. For example, fitness centers can propose one trial cryo session for their regular customers. Trainers can propose cryotherapy for their wards or organize cryo sessions for them after championships. To be at the right time in the right place – the main benefit of mobile cryotherapy van. Use it in full!

And of course, encourage your customers to share their experience on social media. 

Benefits of mobile cryotherapy that make this business attractive:

  • no expenses to rent or buy premises for a regular cryotherapy center;
  • possibility to demonstrate the benefits of whole-body cryotherapy to potential customers at a convenient location;
  • flexibility and mobility – to be at the right time in the right place;
  • best addition to expand the existing cryotherapy business and bring services closer to your customers.

If you are ready to start your mobile cryotherapy business you can contact our sales team to get more information about Cryobus and different financial options. We will help you to start your cryotherapy business!