Which cryosession parameters are the best?

General guidelines for whole-body cryotherapy are simple enough. The best outcome can be achieved when the temperature inside a cryosauna keeps within the range between -130­­°C and -170°C, and the session time does not exceed 3 minutes. Short exposure protects a customer from the negative impact of extreme temperatures, including frostbite.

The higher temperature, for instance, 110°C or -80°C, may reduce the effect of the session (remember, we are talking about open-top cryosaunas, not about walk-in chambers). The temperatures under -170°C (for example, up to -190°C) may not be well tolerated by all customers. Individual tolerance can depend on a lot of factors: age, sex, fitness, and even skin color. Therefore, detailed protocols are discussed in specialized training courses. However, general guidelines still stand.

For first-timers, we strongly recommend starting with a milder temperature of -110­­°C and a 60-second session. A trial session does not aim to achieve thermal shock – it just allows the body and especially the mind to adapt to the extremely cold environment. Each next session can be made 30 seconds longer. Likewise, the temperature inside the chamber is getting low gradually to -150 or -170°C.

In any case, we suggest you keep the records of treatment temperature and time for every customer with appropriate notes on individual reactions to ensure an enjoyable treatment experience and excellent results.