Are cryosaunas safe?

Are cryosaunas safe? Is liquid nitrogen dangerous?
Are cryosaunas safe? Is liquid nitrogen dangerous?

There are 2 safety things that usually bother people who are going to try cryotherapy for the first time: is liquid nitrogen dangerous and are cryosaunas safe (as a machine)?

As for liquid nitrogen, it is the same nitrogen that makes up the air we breathe (78% of the air is made up of nitrogen). Nitrogen is used for a number of surgical applications; it is even used in modern cooking in gourmet restaurants to prepare exquisite food. However, using it in a cryosauna it is cooled down, so the gas is cold. Therefore, there are a few considerations that need to be made to make sure that everyone is safe – to remove from the body jewelry and any other metal, and ensure that your skin is dry from moisturizers, oils or sweat.

Talking about cryosauna safety itself, much has been done to make this machine 100% safe for its users. Cryomed has developed an innovative safety system (Accident Prevention System) and was the first one on the market of cryotherapy devices who implemented it. It consists of the human-position sensor in the cabin, the door-opening sensor, the session emergency stop button, and ventilation. 

  • The ultrasonic sensor – controls the user’s position in the cabin. It will not allow the procedure to start unless the operator raises the lift step to the desired height. This is made to avoid breathing in nitrogen vapors.
  • Session emergency stop and ventilation – if anything abnormal occurs during the procedure, the cryo safe mechanism instantly stops the session and activates the ventilation. 
  • The door-opening sensor – if the cabin door opens by accident, another sensor will prevent excessive nitrogen vapors from entering the premises by stopping the procedure.

All these features give us the right to say that cryosaunas are safe for users.