Are cryofacial treatments a profitable business? 

The occurrence of cryotherapy in its present form has transformed the world of beauty, wellness, and athletic recovery. The popularity of freezing treatments only grows, despite economic storms rocking the boats of almost every business sector. After a short lull caused by the global pandemic, the cryotherapy market growth curve rushed up again and still is far from reaching its peak. 

While some 10-15 years ago, cryogenic treatments were totally new to spa centers, beauty parlors, and dermatology clinics, now offering cryotherapy services has become a new standard. 

Cold therapy, in its whole-body and local variations, is a perfect business opportunity as it offers customers a whole bundle of health benefits through a short-time treatment. It means you can create high customer flow by targeting a wide audience while being very flexible when scheduling the sessions. 

While a whole-body cryosauna with its cost starting around €20,000 and up may not be an option for every business, especially for a small-scale one, cryofacial equipment starting from €4,000 is quite an affordable device allowing you to venture into a cryobusiness with a minimum budget. 

Let’s move on to rough calculations for greater clarity. 

The base Cryofan CF-04 model cost is €3,750. The price includes a 35-liter Dewar. With a nitrogen consumption of 0.075 l per minute, you can get about 467 minutes of treatment time out of a 35-liter vessel. 

The cost of one 10-minute session based on liquid nitrogen cost of €1-1.5 per liter amounts to €10-15. The price tag for a Frotox session is €60-150, meaning your gross earnings can cross a six or even ten-fold threshold.  

Number of customers per week5 persons/day*5 days = 25 customers
Treatment price€60
Weekly gross income25*60 = €1,500
Weekly expenses (nitrogen cost, operator’s salary, taxes)€850 
Weekly net income €650
Monthly net income €650*4=€2,600
Cryofan CF-04 price€3,750
Investment return periodless than two months

These figures are very approximate as the calculation contains many variables. Still, the general idea is quite clear: with as little as five customers per day, you can repay the cost of Cryomed’s cryofacial equipment in two months or so. 

Higher equipment prices, logically, will need a longer repayment period. But anyway buying a cryofacial machine may be fairly referred to short-term high-yield investments.