Do I need cryosauna if I own a medical center?

If you are a medical center owner cryosauna Cryomed Pro or Cryomed Pro M is the best investment that you can make for your business! It is good for the health of your customers and good for a business interest of you, as an owner. When people come for treatment, they invest in their health. By investing in Cryosauna you can launch a reliable business without a large capital, without putting all on the line. Just 6 m2 needed to start with.

Whole body cryotherapy is currently the most efficient and most comprehensive method of treatment and stimulation by extreme cold. Thanks to its wide spectrum of effects, it is used by medical and rehabilitation facilities around the world. Cryosauna represents an ideal ergonomic and effective solution for hospitals, orthopedic, rheumatologic or rehabilitation centers.

Cryotherapy in medicine
Cryotherapy in medicine

Cryotherapy in medical areas

Cryotherapy in rheumatology:

  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • osteoarthritis
  • capsulitis
  • spondyloarthritis

Cryotherapy in orthopedics and physiotherapy:

  • treatment of pain
  • acceleration of regeneration of all muscular, connective and joint injuries

Cryotherapy in surgery and traumatology:

  • any injuries of the locomotive apparatus
  • rehabilitation of chronic fatigue, etc.

Cryotherapy in dermatology:

  • psoriasis
  • neurodermatitis
  • eczema
  • scleroderma, etc.

Cryotherapy in pulmonology:

  • support for treatment of chronic pulmonary inflammation
  • asthma
  • chronic bronchitis

Cryotherapy in gynecology:

  • treatment of sterility, abortion
  • climacteric syndrome

Cryotherapy in hepatology:  

  • treatment of chronic autoimmune
  • treatment of viral hepatitis

Cryotherapy in neurology:

  • any nervous system
  • multiple sclerosis
  • parkinsonism
  • paresis
  • reflex or neurodegenerative syndromes.

Cryotherapy in sports medicine:

  • treatment and rehabilitation of acute and chronic injuries
  • development and maintenance of top shape
  • preparation and stimulation of physical and psycho-emotional conditions

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