Do I need cryosauna if I own a fitness/sport center?

Definitely, the presence of a cryosauna at your fitness center can become one of your competitive advantages!

Sports cryotherapy has firmly established its position among the must-have elements of sports medicine. Most sports clubs have cryogenic equipment of some sort: either a portable unit brought to every game or a stationary one installed at their training base. This equipment is used both for treating traumas immediately after matches and for longer periods of recovery and rehabilitation between matches and even seasons. The main benefits of using cryotherapy for sports injuries are the dramatically reduced recovery time and the generally positive effect produced by the cold on the entire body of the patient.

Whole body cryotherapy is also widely used for weight loss, which is an important part of every athlete’s preparation for important events.

Cryotherapy in fitness and sports
Cryotherapy in fitness and sports

Cryotherapy procedure for sportsmen

Within a 2-3 minutes long procedure in a cryosauna, the human body is rapidly exposed to extremely low temperature of about -130°C. To support the effect of cryotherapy, we recommend additional 15-20 minutes of kinesiotherapy on a stationary bicycle, or similar aerobic exercise after the procedure.

In addition to the already described stimulation and recovery effect on muscles and the whole locomotive apparatus, increased production of beta-endorphins inducing a feeling of happiness and boost of activity. This feeling of motivation and positive encouragement, and also higher resistance to load thanks to the analgesic effect, will persist 3-5 hours after the procedure.

So if you own or manage a business related to fitness and sports, it’s high time you added cryotherapy to you service portfolio!

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