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Cryotherapy Services: Delivery, Installation, Technical Support, Marketing, Training

Besides the manufacturing of high-quality cryotherapy equipment, we provide full service and support for our products at any stage. Delivery of whole-body and local cryotherapy equipment, installation, maintenance, and support, as well as marketing and staff training – all these services are available to our customers and dealers.

Cryotherapy Services Delivery
Cryotherapy Services Delivery

Delivery Of Cryosaunas And Other Cryotherapy Equipment

We provide worldwide delivery of our cryotherapy equipment. Available shipping methods are:

  • by truck;
  • by air;
  • by sea;
  • or combined (for example, by air and by truck).

You can handle shipping by yourself – choose the most convenient method for you.


Cryosauna Installation

We provide detailed consultation before you get your cryosauna helping you choose the best option according to your needs taking into account the available premises. 

Some of our cryosaunas don’t need installation as they come in one piece. Others, like Pro line, have several options for installation: video instructions, remote consultation or our technical specialists can come to your location. All these options are to be discussed before the purchase.


Cryotherapy Services Cryosauna Installation
Cryotherapy Services Cryosauna Installation
Cryotherapy Services Maintenance Technical Support
Cryotherapy Services Maintenance Technical Support

Maintenance And Technical Support For Your Cryogenic Equipment

Our specialists are always ready to consult you on any operational issues (online or offline). They are available for your help almost 24/7.


Marketing Of Cryosaunas

Marketing Of Cryosaunas
Marketing Of Cryosaunas

Our marketing team will supply you with the latest promo materials and provide assistance with marketing plans, with promotional strategies, and branding.

Marketing of cryotherapy services plays a crucial role in your cryo business. It is not only about promotion, but mainly about market research, developing your own marketing strategy and plan. Without these important steps, it will be difficult to promote cryotherapy services and find your client. You will not be able to calculate your income and when all your investments will pay off. That is why we not just sell cryo equipment, but also help our clients with marketing of cryotherapy services and their business in general.

Our marketing team will supply you with the latest promo materials and provide assistance with marketing plans, promotional strategies, and branding.


Staff Training

We provide personnel training covering cryotherapy basics and the use of our cryotherapy equipment. Our specialist will come to your location for a one-day training. The training is available upon request.

If you are interested in our services please contact our sales team for detailed advice.

Cryomed Pro


Cryotherapy Services Staff Training
Cryomed provides b2b cryotherapy marketing & personnel training on cryotherapy basics and the use of cryotherapy equipment

What does cryotherapy services include for a client?

Cryotherapy services for a client can include whole body and local cryotherapy.

Whole body cryotherapy is carried out in a cryosauna or cryo chamber, while local cryotherapy provides spot treatment with the use of cryo blower (Cryofan).

As full body cryotherapy affects the whole body, it has a wide range of effects and functions. Local cryotherapy has limited impact, but at the same time it is beneficial for people with reduced mobility or those who have a fear of closed spaces.

A manager at a cryo center will help you to determine what kind of cryotherapy services will be optimal for you.

What does cryotherapy for business include?

We provide not only cryotherapy equipment but also a full support of the businesses of our clients.

  • Delivery – we deliver worldwide and use different shipping methods;
  • Installation – we help to install cryosauna remotely (give you video instructions) or send our specialist to your place.
  • Maintenance and technical support – our tech specialist are ready to help you online and offline;
  • Marketing – we help our clients to do market research, to develop marketing strategy and plan promotional campaigns. We also provide marketing materials and other assistance.
  • Staff training – we provide one-day personnel training at your place.

All these cryotherapy services are available upon request.

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